13 lakh people should have gathered for this funeral, unfortunately, only 13 people are here ! Do you know who said this at the funeral of Gumnami Baba?

It was September 18, 1985 and only a handful of people had gathered at Guptar Ghat on the banks of River Saryu (Uttar Pradesh). The notable persons present there included Dr RP Mishra, Dr Priyabrat Bannerjee, Saraswati Devi Shukla.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with sorrow as they were able to see the face of the man who sent shivers down the spine of British for the last time. For the rest of the world, he was just a Baba but for these 13 people, he was a freedom fighter. This fighter’s body was draped in tricolour on the passage to Guptar Ghat.

When the pyre was lit, RK Panda broke down and said “There should have been 13 lakh people here!”. The body which was going to get cremated was not other freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

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What are the evidences to justify that Subas Chandra Bose masked himself as Gumnami Baba?

A person’s looks may differ at the course of time but few of the features like height, birth marks on body, voice, mannerism won’t vanish. The same is the case in Gumnami Baba a.k.a Subhas Chandra Bose.

  • But in Gunami Baba’s case, even the face matched with Netaji Bose. Forget face, even the height matched with that of Netaji Bose. To those who call it as coincidental, even the voice was that of Netaji. If not satisfied with all these evidence, there are few other evidences.
  • Gumnami Baba had gap in between his teeth just Netaji Bose. There were even some scapel mark on Baba’s abdomen like that of Netaji.
  • The handwriting of Gumnami Baba matched with that of Netaji Bose and this was declared by none other than Netaji’s niece Lalita.

Habits never die and this was true in the case of Gumnami baba a.k.a Netaji Bose. The mannerism of Baba, the way he got upset of certain issues further strengthen the theory that Netaji had hid his identity for reasons better known to him. Some try to link it to Nehru as the recent files proved that Nehru was spying even on Netaji’s family even after decades of India’s Independence.

  • Indian Baba’s are well versed with Hindi and other religion languages but this Gumnami baba had had a firm hold over English, German, Sanskrit and Bengali. Still, you feel that he wasn’t Netaji Bose?
  • Netaji Bose and gumnami Baba had the same mutual friends like Dr Pabitra Mohan Roy, Leela Roy , Sunil Dasgupta, Samar Guha. This can’t be coincidental.
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Samadhi of Gumnami Baba on the banks of Saryu

Why did Gumnami Baba celebrated his birthday on the birthday of Netaji Bose?

  • Gumnami (nameless) Baba, Bhagwanji or Pardewale Baba. (remaining always behind curtain), Mauni Baba were the other names of Netaji Bose. To everyone’s surprise, Gumnami Baba used to celebrate his birthday with all attempts to keep it hidden from the main stream. Even the age of Gumnami Baba matched with that of Netaji Bose.
  • After the death of Gunmani baba, when his room was searched, there were family photos of  Netaji Bose, including familiar silver round rimmed specs , a gold Rolex watch and an Omega watch.

Why was the Gumnami Baba inquiring about the people associated with Netaji?

Gumnami Baba and Netaji Bose had a few mutual friends and let us consider it as a co-incidence. But why Gumnami Baba used to enquire about old guards like Bhagatram Talwar, Mohansingh, Captain Laxmi, Thakur Singh, Dr. Gairula, Acchut Patwardhan, Narendra Deo, Shankarrao Deo, Sahagal, S.A.Ayer, Swami, Jagannath Bhonsle, Dilip Kumar Roy, Anil Baran Toy, Satyaranjan Bakshi, Golwalker , Prem Bhatia etc.

Why did the Gumnami Baba have the summons issued to Netaji’s elder brother?

  • The original of the Khosla Commission’s 1971 summons to Suresh Bose, Netaji’s elder brother, was found among Mauni Baba’s belongings. Is this again a coincidence?
  • Not ten or twenty, but there were 143 similarities between Netaji and Gumnani Babaji.
  • Can you believe that 23 boxes were found in the room of Baba and out of these boxes, 2674 items were found. Indian Baba’s lead a simple by detaching themselves from everyone and everything but this baba had 2674 items.
  • Baba also possed German Hensoldt binoculars, British Smith Corona portable typewriter, Noritake Japanese tea set, Same Bruyere pipe, Azad Hind Fauj uniform, books in Bengali. Baba even had the photos of Netaji Bose’s parents and his entire family, idol of Kali, newspaper cuttings of Netaji Bose.
  • Few other books like The History of the Freedom Movement in India, The Last Days of the Raj, Moscow’s Shadow Over West Bengal and Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago were also found in the Baba’s room.

It would be an insult to Netaji Bose if I make an attempt to list out his contribution to liberate India from the British. Today, we have got such a freedom that some could even raise slogans that is anti-national. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even honour the man who frightened the British.

Every breath is a gift by fighters like Netaji Bose!

Jai Hind!

Hansika Raj