Clinton News Network also known as CNN, have often epitomized a biased brand of journalism. CNN is hosting a series titled ‘Believer’ which is being hosted by a person named Reza Aslan. Reza has often been termed as an apologist for Islamism.

According to the CNN website, the show is a six-part “spiritual adventure series” which will follow “renowned author & religious scholar Reza Aslan” as he “immerses himself in the world’s most fascinating faith-based groups to experience life as a true believer”.

The Trailer of the series drew criticism on twitter after it referred to Varanasi as “the city of the dead”. Authors, politicians & historians reacted strongly to CNN’s tweet. The outcry was immediate. Hindus across the globe reacted to Aslan’s mis-characterizing of Hindus. The show characterized Hinduism as cannibalistic, which was totally unacceptable & uncalled for. Hinduism, in spite of being one of the most ancient religions in the world has often been misrepresented by the international media. After being pressurized for concocting facts & defaming Hinduism, Aslan apologized to the Hindus.

However, it did not come to him naturally & the apology came after a series of tweets, which slammed the channel & the host for degrading Hinduism. Tulsi Gabbard , the first Hindu in the U.S Congress & member of the Democratic party lashed out on CNN for trying to influence people around the world & deliberately creating a negative perception about the religion.

In a series of tweets, Tulsi accused CNN & Reza Aslan of reinforcing stereotypes about Hindus & Hinduism through the show. She also claimed that the show virtually painted the entire community as ‘cannibals’ and that Reza was behaving as if he was touring a zoo. She feared that the show will Hindus in bad light and people’s misunderstanding about Hindus.

After making CNN realize that they were wrong & taking a stand in favor of Hinduism, Gabbard received a lot of appreciation from fellow Hindus. A few of them are quoted below.

Alok Shetty



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