Just few months back, the World Economic Forum had released a survey on World media and their credibility among the masses. The results showed that Indian media was the second most untrusted institution in the world. This was the most shameful results ever as the Indian main stream media have completely lost credibility with their fake news and lies!

Now, the BBC News Point has released an article which shows that top ten most corrupt political parties of the world. You will be shocked to see who represents India and which position they stand.

10. Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Russia

Soviet Union’s Communist party is one of the prominent and major political parties of the Russia.  This party is the gargantuan and monopolistic declaration group that subjugated the cultural, political, and financial life of millions of inhabitants of the country Russia, according to reports that party controls all the constitutional and legal documents that were supposedly to be handled by the government therefore party was totally banned in 1991.

  1. Communist Party of China- China

Communist Party of China is another biggest and most important ruling party of the country. though the political group seems to bound onward, their association has resulted to gigantic suffering, famine, and insufficiency throughout the country. There is absolutely no freedom for the citizens to express their views, the government is completely authoritarian.

8. Nazi Party – Germany

National Socialist German Workers party was another prominent party which is commonly referred as NAZI Party. Even today the party is known for Anti Jew agenda and has huge corruption cases against them.

7. Nationalist Fascist Party – Italy

The National Fascist Party was an Italian political party which was created by Benito Mussolini as the political appearance of fascism. when Fascists took power with the March on Rome, when Mussolini was overthrew by the Grand Council of Fascism, they also created clandestine policies to obliterate all political opponents, dictatorship was then made when prime minister Mussolini and his supporters merged their power through a progression of laws. This party is known for huge corruption and smuggling.

6. Kuomintang – China

This party is considered to be very powerful in China. The government had forced people of the country Taiwan compulsory obeys the martial law but most of the people opposed this kind of dictatorship leadership but some people liked this party and their leadership.

5. Vietnam’s Communist party – Vietnam

The communist party of Vietnam is another prominent party not only for their leadership but also for the corruption and corrupt people, party is also called as the ruling and founding party of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  According to reports, this party sent large number of non-communist to the jail therefore there are thousands of political challengers have been banished in the country at the same time, party was merged as the modern party in 1976.

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