4: Indian National Congress – India

The 4th place is occupied by none other the Congress party of India headed by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The party lost the 2014 general elections because of the massive scams which happened in the past 10 years. The party has lost all election since 2013 under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. India under Congress rule from 2004-2014, earned the name Scam India. The scams were one of the biggest in the history of the India which incurred loss of more than 20 Lakh Crore to the exchequer. The Congress party is almost seeing decimation in the country because of their extreme appeasement politics towards certain religion and neglecting other people. There terror appeasement and support towards Pakistan also hasn’t gone down well with people.

There loss in the recent UP elections also gave a massive blow to the already crumbling party. But the Congress seems to have not learnt any lesson as they still continue to appease certain sections of people for votes.

3. Progressive Action Party – Cuba

The Progressive Action Party was a Cuban political party which was led by Fulgencio Batista. This party is said to be the most corrupt and was banned after the elections in 1958 due to strong electoral fraud, according to history, this party gained lot illegal money during their reign and also involved in torture, rules violence and thousands of deaths of citizens.

2. The second place is occupied by National Resistance Movement – Uganda

Most prominent party of Uganda is national Resistance Movement which came into being after their strong military wing, so till party has more than one third representation in the assembly, according to reports, party and its candidates are involved in large number of controversies and illegal issues predominantly the war issues that found millions of people to death. It is said that most times, the President got elected unopposed due to killing of Millions of people who opposed him.

1.  Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, PML(N)- Pakistan

The first place is occupied by none other than the terror-sponsoring Nation Pakistan. Yes, Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz tops the list for being the most corrupt party in the world. There are large number of cases of corruption Fired on the member of this party including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif because his name is included in the Panama Leaks which are reported to be made by the money of State, despite of this Hanif Abbasi is also accused of large quantity of money in case of drug smuggling.

Credit : http://www.bbcnewspoint.com/top-10-most-corrupt-political-party-in-the-world-2017/

Aishwarya S

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