Big Breaking : The truth of Gurmehar Kaur’s staged drama of fake rape threat and her open relation with AAP, John Dayal & other anti-national forces exposed !

Gurmehar Kaur has become a household name today. It all started after her ridiculous publicity seeking remark where she said ‘Pakistan did not kill my father, war did’, referring to her late father Captain Mandeep Singh, who gave his life for the nation while fighting the terrorists. After after being trolled for her remarks and supporting the Leftists of JNU, she alleged on in an interview with NDTV that ABVP members threatened her with rape. Interestingly, she did not go to police to file a complaint. Instead she went to NDTV studio and approached a member of Aam Aadmi Party member to tell about the threats she received.

As usual, mainstream media led by none other than NDTV hyped the issue and blamesd ABVP, BJP and right wingers for targeting her. Their work was done. The propaganda has been set rolling. However truth was far from this and she has been exposed once again. The rape threat was a well orchestrated event by media and AISA member Devojeet Bhattacharya. Along with AAP and a section of media, she very cleverly politicised the incident to gain political mileage. However, when exposed, she has withdrawn from everything. She has said that she will not be joining the protests organised by the left parties. Although she continuously maintained that she has no political inclination, her facebook timeline has revealed her closeness with people like John Dayal, Kavita Krishnan and others who regularly talk of breaking India, support Maoists and call for freedom of Kashmir, the very same land which Gurmehar’s father died defending from the terrorists.

Another revelation has been that the media manager of Gurmehar Kaur is Ram Subramanian who is also the media manager of Aam Aadmi Party. A 20 year old common girl having a media manager to speak on behalf on her ? Well, she herself tweeted this. Here is the tweet :


As now it turns out, ABVP has filed an FIR with Delhi Police asking the police to investigate the threats of rape made to Gurmehar Kaur. In the FIR, ABVP has mentioned that a threat of rape and murder against her be investigated and those who threatened her must be brought to justice. If Gurmehar was really threatened as she mentioned in NDTV interview, why did she not file a complaint with the police ? Despite being regularly asked to show evidences of threat, she chose not to go ahead and file a complaint. What was the motive ? It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots. Here is the FIR filed by ABVP on behalf of Gurmehar Kaur, asking the police to investigate the rape threats.

Public memory is often short. Let us travel to the past and recall the incident of Jasleen Kaur in 2015. She was an AAP volunteer who had started the drama of a false rape threat against a man. When a young man opposed her goondaism, she abused the man and then made false allegations. As the script was planned, AAP was quick to politicise it and tried to gain political mileage. Very soon, her lies were exposed and all her claims fell flat. While she claimed that she is a common individual without any party loyalty, it was conclusively proved that she was an AAP member and the drama was orchestrated by AAP and media combined. She is nowhere to be seen now.

In 2016, Kanhaiya Kumar was created by media the issue which now everyone knows. However, Kanhaiya and Umar game turned out to be a flop. Media has kept on propping up different faces to fuel the well planned and impeccably executed drama of intolerance and show that BJP is responsible for all this from time to time. Be it Jasleen Kaur (July 2015), Award Wapasi (October 2015), Kanhaiya & Umar (Feb 2016) and now Gurmehar (Feb 2017), all the faces created by media and the leftists have remained super flops, with the hypocrisy exposed and lies busted completely. More importantly, all the drama have occured right before or during crucial assembly elections.

Once again, all the lies of Gurmehar stay busted in the age of internet. Media and political parties are desperately trying to create a new pawn every year. Many faces have been propped up to advance their agenda. However, the fact remains that truth cannot be defeated. The lies may have an upper hand for 2-3 days or a week, but truth ultimately emerges triumphant.

Kshitij Mohan