Big Expose!!! Who was behind Rahul Gandhi’s invite to UC Berkeley and why was he invited?

Speech writers for Rahul Gandhi, Prepping him before the much publicised speech at Berkeley

If one were to carefully listen to Rahul Gandhi’s speech, it would be obvious that it was no “Berkeley Level” speech but more of a low level “Bitch At Modi Session” and a Pre Election Campaign.

Now, You might ask why would one campaign in UC-Berkeley for Indian PM Elections?
Well, They would NOT.
This invite to give a lecture at Berkeley is just to “Decorate” Rahul Gandhi’s CV, Since he is the official PM candidate against PM Modi, in 2019 Elections.
Funny, Even the Congress feels the need to make him “Look” intelligent and scholarly!

The next agenda seems to be collecting the “Blessings” of all the Indian National Congress supporting billionaires and millionaires in the US…. Ofcourse blessings perhaps in the form of Dollars for election campaign. (We all know how poor the Gandhis are, and how badly they need funds, if we don’t take into account the crores in Swiss Bank or properties worth millions across the country (Globe perhaps)).

Brains and influence behind this Berkeley invite;
Sam Pitroda (Technology Advisor To PM Rajiv Gandhi), Milind Deora( India’s former Minister for Telecom, IT, Posts, Shipping, Ports & Member of Parliament) and Shashi Tharoor (Husband of the murdered Sunanda Pushkar).

Who is @vkhosla? It is none other than Vinod Khosla …The BILLIONAIRE Venture Capitalist and Cofounders of Sun Microsystems.

The man with grey hair, Glasses, Black Blazer is Sam Pitroda.

Next to him is Milind Deora.

Ram Shriram (Mentioned in Milind Deora’s Tweet) is another billionaire. He is a founding board member and first investors in Google.

Now coming to Rahul Gandhi visiting the Tesla Factory. Unsure how many know, but Tesla seems to be having a difficult time setting up shop on Indian Soil.
Tesla Founder/CEO Elon Musk, At one point had tweeted he was hoping to launch Tesla this summer, But his subsequent tweet showed not much of optimism.
Is it the affordability of Tesla cars (After all they are expensive), Lack of infrastructure, Different local (Read **Indian) requirements and/or Indian Customs Regulations/Heavy Import Duty, that is hindering Tesla’s entry into the Indian market?

While BJP government seems to have unsuccessfully tried to Woo Tesla to launch in India, Is Rahul Gandhi trying to gain Elon Musk’s business and “Blessings” by promising something that would not necessarily prove beneficial to the middle-class Indian Populace?
Whatever be the reasons for Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Tesla Factory, it sure is obvious this is no scholarly visit to the US.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are entirely mine and NOT that of BJP IT Cell

Rupa Murthy


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