Biggest media lie exposed…Did Gurmehar Kaur’s father really die fighting in Kargil war?

Gurmehar Kaur, Delhi University Girl famous after Azaadi Campaign Version 2.0 posted the whole story on Social Media. She posted her past by saying that She was 2 years old when her father martyred and she was one who lived her life without father. She expressed her depression that she hate Pakistan and Muslims very much in early childhood. She confessed that she once even stabbed a women in Burkah thinking that She was responsible for her father death. 

The above confessions and narration was actually used to build a narrative- A Narrative that We must do friendship with Pakistan as She claims further that – WAR KILLED HER FATHER NOT PAKISTAN. She claims that this is taught by her mother. In the next whole paragraph, She explains and pushed her thought to Do Friendship with Pakistan. 

Now Two Question arise ? 

  1. Why She is pushing for Pakistan friendship when Pakistan is responsible for all the Terror Attacks and Killing of many Army men including her father. 
  2. Is She narrating a correct story or Is it scripted by Idea of India Gang ? 

The answer of first question lies in answer of Second Question. When She became famous with her Anti India stand, People started scrutiny of her Facebook timeline. What people observed is revealing. 

  1. She is AAP Volunteer and promoted and donated to AAP 
  2. She is closely working with Kavita Krishnan, John Dayal and all Communist Gang. 
  3. She is part of the team who invited and organised Umar Khaleed – Student who openly claims India occupied Kashmir. 

These pictures are enough to understand Who are trapping her to take Anti India stand. 

But Now The Biggest Lie is exposed on which Media narrative was based – She is daughter of Father who was martyred at Kargil War. With all due respect to her father supreme sacrifice. I unfortunately bluntly differ because Fact is a Fact. Gurmehar Kaur Father Captain Mandeep Singh didn’t martyred in Kargil War. He was posted 4RR at Kupwara and while fighting against Terrorist he sacrificed his life. 

Now the Question arises? Why Kargil War gets brandished by Paid Media specially NDTV which orchestrated her interview yesterday. Kargil War happened at almost same time and Hence near to Truth and it has high emotional sympathy value. 

This Intolerance, Secular and Liberal Idea of India Gang arrived once again with Version 2.0 because Version 1.0 led by Kanhaiya Kumar failed miserably. 

Political Parties like AAP is using these immature pawns to their level best as you can see that Mehar never went to Police Station for alleged Rape Threat but She went to Swati famous for Aaloo Comment led Women Commission. 

This whole Drama is being orchestrated just when Election Results about to come and just to demean the impact across Nation this New Campaign starts. 

God Bless This Girl, God Bless India and Idea of India Gang. 

Abhishek Kumar