After a bitter war, VHP President Praveen Togadia writes emotional letter to PM Modi, calls him ‘Motabhai’!

Just couple weeks back, Praveen Togadia had a bitter clash with BJP where he accused them of suppressing him and the ideology for which he stands. It was shocking when people heard the news of him being found unconscious on the road after which he was shifted to hospital. he held a press conference the next day, saying he was betrayed by his own people and some in BJP wanted to jail him using a two decade old case. He went emotional and said he was very hurt with the developments.

This incident caused great pain to all BJP/RSS and VHP supporters since all work on similar ideology. It also brought a huge discontent with the working cadre of both BJP and VHP.  It was well known that since 2005, Praveen Togadia and PM Modi had misunderstandings and it was more of a ego battle between the two.

But now the VHP President Praveen Togadia has come forward to patch up things with PM Modi. In a very emotional letter Praveen Togadia has asked PM Modi to unite for the Nation and forget all differences. He has called PM Modi his Big brother (Motabhai) and asked him to join hands for the country.

Praveen Togadia in his letter writes….“Narendrabhai, let us come together. Let us work for the nation, Unemployment of youth, the poor economic condition of farmers, the deteriorating condition of small-scale industries, and the health of the nation — these are matters of concern.” Every year, around 1 crore families become poor because of unexpected medical costs, Togadia said. “We have made some promises to the people of India,” “These include tackling the rising cost of education, introducing a law in the parliament that will facilitate the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, introducing a law to protect cows, and rehabilitating Hindus in the Kashmir valley.” 

“Let us sit together to resolve our differences,” Togadia said in his message to Modi. “You sit with Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan and the maulvis of India. So we can come together too, to work for the betterment of the nation. I am an old friend. We have had meals together.” Togadia also cautioned Modi “to not break the ladder which helped him on his ascent.” Such an act would be contrary to Indian culture”

I hope that mota bhai looks down from the sky to the ground and has a dialogue with old friends like us. We are connected with lakhs of workers on the ground.”

The move came after the Gujarat government withdrew two decade old case against him for which Praveen Togadia thanked the Gujarat Chief Minister Rupani, deputy chief minister Nitin Patel, and minister of state for home Pradipsinh Jadeja. Praveen Togadia and PM Modi were said to be very close when PM Modi was an RSS pracharak, but their relations became sour after the 2001 and ever since, Togadia and PM Modi have maintained distance. But however, the VHP and BJP cadre have always stood for each other and both the leaders have been supporting the cause and ideology in their own ways.

When TOI asked Togadia about his letter to PM Modi, he said  “Mota bhai speaks to the leaders of foreign countries; he should spare some time for us too.” It is definitely a step by Togadia who has taken the initiative to patch up things with PM Modi. Since the division and misunderstanding of Hindus have caused grave concern to the country which is not being able to tackle the foreign forces and pseudo seculars who are trying to divide the society in the name of secular politics. India needs strong leaders who can think about the country before anything and only united leaders can make sure overall development of the country.

Credit: TOI


Aishwaraya S