The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath has been on a mission mode to crack down all irregularities and corruptions in all departments in UP.

He hasn’t spared any department, be it religious or government and suspended the officers involved in corruption. This time he has taken strong action against 46 Madrasas which were found to be involved in serious corruption and misuse of funds.

The action comes following a report submitted by DIOS (District Inspector of Schools) to the state government claiming that the funds in Madrasas were being misused and fake bills were being submitted to the government. The UP government funds 560 Madrasas providing food for teachers and students, it also bears the salary of teachers and workers in the Madrasas. But recently it was reported that most of the teachers in the school paid low wages to workers than the prescribed amount and showed excess billing. Few staff and workers had complained against the misuse of money and siphoning to other illegal activities.

The reports submitted also said that there were no classes being held in these Madrasas and instead the class rooms were being used by unknown people for meetings and gatherings. The UP government which is continuously monitoring the activities of many institutions took the decision to stop all funds to 46 Madrasas following irregularities.

It is not just the problem with these Madrasas, but many follow the same story which has become a matter of serious concern.

Aishwarya S

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