Breaking!!! Kerala Govt is trying to take over Sri Parthasarati Temple, Guruvayoor; Devotees are protesting but no media is covering this

In a shocking incident, the Malabar Devaswom Board, under Kerala government had passed an order to take over the famous Parthasarathy temple in Guruvayur. A group of officials yesterday from the Devaswom Board arrived to take over the temple claiming that temple authorities were indulged in corruption.

But the devotees and the temple authorities immediately locked the temple from inside and prevented the government officials from entering the temple. As soon as the news spread, hundreds of devotees gathered at the temple opposing the government’s decision to take control over Parthasarathy temple.

The government officials sought the help of police to take over the temple, but a tense situation prevailed when hundreds of devotees prevented the police and officials from entering the temple. This is not the first time the government is applying its power to take control over the temple, but the attempt is going on since many years. The issue had been lying unsettled after the temple committee, which is looking after the administrative affairs currently, approached the High Court.

“The Devaswom Board’s justification for its takeover bid is that there is corruption in the temple administration. Everybody knows that the Devaswom Boards in Kerala are tents of corruption. At present, there is transparency in this temple’s administration. We won’t allow the takeover which would lead to the shrine’s destruction,” said a temple committee representative.

But the devotees fear that real intention of government to take control over temples is not corruption but to loot the crores of money which the temple gets from devotees. The government which has strong ideology against Hindus, want to erase the Hindu culture of the land and loot the temple money in the name of development said one of the devotees. He added, Guruvayur temple gets hundreds of crores each year which is used for temple development and priest salary, now the government eyes that money and temple property.  There is allegation that the governments divert these funds to Madrassa and Christian missionaries in a bid to appease minorities for votes.

The temples in Karnataka also faced similar situation after government took control over temples, crores of money donated by devotees has vanished. The RTI application filed by VHP person Girish Bharadvaj showed that each temple got over 10-30 crores each year, out of which not SINGLE RUPEE has been used for temple development.

Take a look!

So where has all the money gone?!!!

What is happening to the crores of money donated to temples by devotees? You will be shocked to know the truth!

So this is a very old trick followed by all governments to loot the temple money in the name of development!

Aishwarya S