The Indian army has retaliated aggressively destroying 4 Pakistani posts at Keran after the Pakistanis indulged in unprovoked cease fire violations yesterday resulting in the death of one Indian BSF Jawan.

The Home Ministry is said to have given free hand to Army and told them to give befitting reply to the Pakistanis. The army launched massive fir assault at Pakistanis posts in Keran area. According to reports heavy casualties has been reported on the Pakistani side. Initial reports suggest there has been over 50 casualties. Research and Analysis Officer RSN Singh has reported that more than 20 Pakistani soldiers have killed.

Pakistan seems to have no lesson learnt even after getting isolated in the global platform and still continues to sponsor terror activities and cross border terrorism. Looks like Pakistanis are desperate and will not stop until they completely lose all their resources. But India is well prepared to finish the Pakistanis once and for all and there is no looking back.

Aishwarya S

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