Was British Raj India’s “Golden Age”? Know the holocaust it made on Indians

The art of turning a prosperous nation into a poor nation should be learnt from the British. British came into India with a mask of carrying out trade with Indians but backstabbed the most wonderful people in the world (Indians).

While speaking of holocaust, does anyone remember that India is the worst victim? Yes, even in a natural famine there won’t be as many deaths that happened in a man-made famine. Nearly 4 million Indians died (killed) in the Bengal famine that was created by the British government with the sole intension to suppress the Indian freedom struggle. But it is a disaster that Indians aren’t aware of the intensity of holocaust.

In the World War-II, Adolf Hitler and his allies took 12 years to murder 6 million Jews. Whereas, 4 million Indians were killed in just one year on the orders of the Britain Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Bengal famine was a man made holocaust and  it was a brain child of Churchill. The fact which grabs everyone’s eye is that Bengal had a record harvest in 1942 but the British exported huge quantities of food grains to Britain. Thus they were successful in creating an artificial shortage of food grains in the present day West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Bangladesh. This was said by Dr Gideon Polya, Australian biochemist.

Parents started to throw their kids into the rivers and wells. Many ended up their lives by lying down under the train. The situation was so pathetic that the starving people started to beg for even starchy water. Leaves, vines, yam stems and grass were the main food of the children. People didn’t even have strength to burry their dead family members. This was said by author Madhushree Mukerjee who had interviewed the survivors.

Mukerjee adds that the dead bodies were feasted by Dogs and jackals in the Bengal villages. To feed their family, women opted to be sex workers and few others opted to be murderers. Another horrible thing was, fathers started to sell their daughters. Can we Indians forgive the British for this?

Scorched earth By 1943, hordes of starving people were flooding into Calcutta and a huge number of them died on the city streets

The first student to get a PhD from the IITs, Mani Bhaumik says that his grandmother starved to death in order to save him. His grandmother used to give her portion of food.

Gradually the streets of Calcutta were filled with dead bodies. If Churchill had decided to give away few shipments of grains, millions of Indians could have been saved. Churchill didn’t even pay heed to the request to supply food from Secretary of State for India and even of the President of the US.

Subhash Chandra Bose, who was with the Axis forces tried to help the famine victims and had decided to send grains from Myanmar. But the British didn’t allow this to happen.

Secretary of State for India and Burma, Leopold Amery said, for Churchill “the starvation of anyhow underfed Bengalis (was) less serious than sturdy Greeks”.

Even though Amery was a staunch colonialist, he had opposed Churchill’s dictatorship quality like Hitler. When Amery and Viceroy Archibald requested Churchill to release food stocks for India, he sent a telegram which stated “why Gandhi hadn’t died?”

Churchill and his family chew the same dialogue “Britain could not spare the ships to transport emergency supplies”. But Mukerjee has exposed his lie of the barbaric Churchill. She mentioned that official records say another story. Yes, there were evidences found in the records which clearly said that ships carrying grain from Australia bypassed India on their way to the Mediterranean.

“I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion” these were the words of Winston Churchill. He also said Indians were “the beastliest people in the world next to the Germans”, “they breed like rabbits”.

Churchill hated Indians because he knew that the British couldn’t hold Indians for too long. He also said that wheat is too precious to spend it on the non-whites. Churchill preferred to distribute it among the Europeans.

“When we look back over the course of years, we see one part of the world’s surface where there has been no war for three generations. Famines have passed away-until the horrors of war and the dislocations of the war have given us a taste of them again- and pestilence has gone… This episode in Indian history will surely become the Golden Age as time passes, when the British gave them and order, and there was justice for the poor, and all men were shielded for the poor, and all men were shielded from outside dangers.” This was said by Churchill in 1943 when the famine was killing millions in India.

By now you have figured out that Churchill is not only a racist but also a liar. This murderer has killed millions of Indians but is a celebrated leader in the UK.

History of holocausts in India

There were 31 severe famines in the 120 years long British Era but there were only 17 famines in the period of 2000 years before the British rule. So the biggest contribution to India by the British are famines.  This was said by Mike Davis.

He further adds that in 1876 the Viceroy, Robert Bulwer-Lytton, ordered to export everything to England that was produced in India. Even though we had a surplus, Indians suffered a famine. He claims that around 29 million Indians were killed.

These British were so cruel on Indians that in 1877 and 1878, the British exported record quantity of grains with the intension that Indians should suffer without food.

“Happiness, prosperity and welfare”, this was the promise made to Indians when Queen Victoria attended India. This ceremony was a week where 68,000 guests were present. Lytton was in charge of this and he totally ignored the suffering of the people due to famine.

In the year “The Lancet” estimated that around 19 million Indians died in western India alone due to the 1890s famine. Textbooks preach us that India developed due to British; India got railway line and so on due to them. But the holocaust by them isn’t mentioned anywhere. Why is it so? Indians’ lives are not worth?

The life expectancy of Indians fell 20 percent between 1872 and 1921. By this, one can estimate the intensity of the man-made famine by the British.

“The Lives of a Bengal Lancer” was the favourite movie of Hitler, which shows how British dominated Indians. The Nazi leader said to the then British Foreign Secretary Edward Wood (Earl of Halifax) that a superior race should behave like this. The Nazi ‘protection squadron’ had to compulsorily watch it.

Why Indians have forgotten this?

Israel has not yet forgotten the holocaust done by Hitler to them. But why have we forgotten? The Britain had tendered apologies to other nations including Kenya but India is totally ignored. Does anyone know that Germany still lends support to Israel in cash and arms? But do we get anything from the British?

Armenia didn’t forget the massacre of its 1.8 million citizens by the Turks during World War 1. But why have we forgotten?

During the World War II, nearly 40,000 Chinese were killed by the Japanese and China demanded an apology for that.

It was Indian soldiers who made the victory possible in the World War II. Yes, by 1943, more than 2.5 million Indian soldiers were fighting in the World War II on behalf of the British. Britain still survives with the materials looted from India. Yes, they have looted, killed and choked a rich nation India.

So for this barbaric act, the compensation will cross several billions. Forget about the compensation, did we at least pressurise the British to tender an apology? Forget of asking an apology because we Indians don’t even remember of this holocaust done on our ancestors

Source and credits: Rakesh Krishnan Simha

A chilling portrait of India’s forgotten holocaust

Nishika Ram