Check how many fake jobs, fake gas connections and fake ration cards holders have been caught through AADHAAR!

AADHAAR card was introduced long back when the UPA was in power. Although the main purpose of introducing AADHAAR was to have a single unique identification card for all Indian so as to prevent misuse of government facilities in all sectors, the Congress government completely failed in the implementation part and the entire AADHAAR schemed turned out to be a massive scam in which many ministers of the Congress used it for their benefits and received huge kickbacks.

The plan was a failure and many experts suggested that the AADHAAR scheme will have to be scrapped. However, when the Modi government came to power, the first impression was that they would scrap the AADHAAR scheme and introduce a new scheme for a unique identification card. But since crores of tax payers money was  already spent on AADHAAR, scrapping it would have been a National waste and introducing new scheme would have again required huge investments. And henceforth PM Modi decided to keep the AADHAAR scheme and tried to restructure and rectify the entire implementation process. Initially, he faced a lot of opposition from economists and cyber experts saying that the AADHAAR did not have a right protocol for implementation and it would risk the biometric details of millions of India.

However, the government went ahead with the implementation process, due to which there have been many positive effects. The government decided to link PAN and phone number to AADHAAR despite certain risk and today it has been very successful in nabbing the fake account holder, fake ration card holder, fake PAN numbers and also fake jobs under MGNREGA.

The government released a list of data which shows over crores of fake names were registered under MGNREGA. These fake names were claimed to have been given jobs by state governments and got central funds of thousands of crores. This itself was a massive scam which was happening since the time of 2005 when the scheme was introduced by the Congress government. But the Modi government linked the AADHAAR number with MGNREGA workers which exposed massive fraud in the scheme.

Take a look!The above data shows that MGNREGA department in state government submitted a bogus list of number of jobs given. In the year 2016-2017, the states claimed to have given jobs to over 1 crore people, but the same states after linking AADHAAR have deleted the bogus names and now for 2017-2018, the number of jobs given are only 4,66,2839 (4 lakhs), so another 50 lakhs names were only on papers and not in real.

So, if the government were to pay Rs 100/ day /person under MGNREGA, imagine for 50 lakh fake names, the government was spending 50 crores/per day, which was nothing but a daylight robbery.

Similarly, the linking of AADHAR with gas connections and PAN have helped the government in identifying 5 crore bogus accounts and 3.5 crore fake gas connections. This data was revealed by Railway minister Piyush Goyal who had tweeted that the government was very successful in identifying fake accounts and gas connections in which crores of tax payers money was being looted.

The Ration card scam is also being identified using AADHAAR, in which over 2 cores ration cards have been found to be fake. Andhra Pradesh government submitted a report saying 854,978 BPL Cards including bogus, mismatch, duplicate, double ration cards were removed after Aadhaar Card seeding in the state. Haryana said it had 283,635 ration cards, “and 1,149,988 beneficiaries having duplicate/ repeated Aadhaar numbers in the ePDS. Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Delhi furnished figures of deleted or cancelled cards for varying time periods that added up to 2,414,754 fake cards.

It is now very evident that how Modi government has been utilizing the AADHAAR which was once decided to be scrapped because of bad implementation. However, according to many economists and experts, there are many security features in AADHAAR which needs to be upgraded to preserve the privacy of every individual and needs better security protocol.

But as of now, the AADHAAR is doing great help by identifying fake names and fake accounts which is indeed saving thousands of tax payers money going wasted.

Aishwarya S