After Constitution & Army, its RSS which keeps Indians safe: Retired Supreme Court judge K T Thomas

Retired Supreme Court judge K.T Thomas said he feels the RSS imparts discipline into its volunteers for “protection of the country”. And apart from the army, the constitution and the democracy, it is the “RSS that keeps India safe and secure”.

Speaking at an RSS(Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh) instructors training camp in Kottayam, former judge K.T Thomas applauded the organization for imparting physical training to cadets, which he said, “is to defend the country and the society at the time of attacks.”

The ex-judge of Supreme Court paid off all credits to the RSS for being guarding the nation day and night. He said today the country and the countrymen are safe because RSS is striving hard to keep them safe. The RSS imparts the training sessions physically and psychologically in such a manner that its volunteers have a selfless attitude in guarding and protecting the nation and its countrymen.

“Snakes have venom as a weapon to defend themselves against the attacks on them. Similarly, the might of man is not meant to attack anyone. I appreciate the RSS for teaching and believing that physical strength is meant to guard (oneself) against attacks. I understand that the physical training of RSS is to defend the country and the society at the time of attacks.” He added.

He also said, “What prompts me to say is that the RSS had worked against the Emergency. The RSS had a strong and well-organised work against the Emergency had reached then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and she understood that it could not go on for long.”

He appreciated the selfless service of the RSS and its commendable work during “one of the worst episodes” in the pages of the Post-Independence period. And this was got into action by the very own Congress legend PM Indira Gandhi then. RSS had gone through great pain and torture during this period and it knew that this decision by the PM was wrong and will result in great trouble.

Stating that he does not agree with the notion that secularism is meant to protect religion, Thomas said: “In India, the word Hindu evokes a religion, but it should be a substitute for a culture. That was why the word Hindustan is being used. In the past, Hindustan had inspired everyone, now that word has been set apart for the RSS and the BJP.”

The word Hindu and the aspect of Hinduism are being associated with RSS and BJP. Previously RSS chief “Mohan Bhagwat” had stated that “RSS is not associated with any political party or it is not in favour of any politics. RSS is independent and works for its own agenda and is not collaborated with politics”.

He also spoke about the problem of minorities and religion based issues in India. India is the only country where the minorities are being as defined using the religion and their population size. The minorities have always been insecure about the majorities in India and have been constantly fighting and asking for the rights which the majorities also lack. The section of minorities is not defined in the Constitution but this is followed in India.

RSS is been falsely accused in India

The RSS has been a subject of probably greater distortion than any other group in India. It has been falsely accused, maligned and misrepresented in a way that is inaccurate and dishonest, motivated by electoral politics, and reflecting anti-Hindu biases. RSS has great thinkers of modern India from Vivekananda and Aurobindo to Chinmayananda and Dayananda in its account. Whom the leftist probably prefer to ignore and only focus on proving RSS as Indian enemies.

Demonization of RSS has been a prime political imperative of both Congress and the communists in India for decades. Though the charge of RSS having killed Mahatma Gandhi was refuted and thrown out in court, it remains stated as fact by politicians who know better; hoping to arouse uncritical emotion from it.RSS has a genuine sense of service for humanity and will not deny help to anyone beyond religious identity and social background.

One thing I would wish to stress here is that “RSS is not anti-minority but Pro-India”.

Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/after-constitution-army-rss-keeps-indians-safe-supreme-court-ex-judge-5010704/