Without doubt, the Rohingyas have proved to be a National threat for any country that entertains them. Their own country Myanmar doesn’t want to give place for these people for the reason that they support terror groups.

But it is only in India the politicians of pseudo secular parties want them as refugees. The only reason is that they can be used as vote banks in all elections. They do not care if country’s security is jeopardized, but their prime intention is to win elections hook or crook.

Bangladesh which is a country with Islam majority also has expressed concerns over  Rohingya refugees. Recently the Bangla army destroyed the camps of Rohingya refugees who were found to be involved in attacking local people for money. Now another incident has occurred where in the Bangladesh army has arrested 22 Rohingya refugees who were linked with terror groups and said to be involved in the killing of Hindu Rohingyas.

The same group had also attacked the Bangladesh Army and killed many of its soldiers after which the Bangladesh government took the issue seriously and arrested more than 22 people.

What is more shocking is, these 22 people are believed to have got training from Pakistan terror groups. These people are getting massive financial support from terrorists Hafiz Saeed and Zakir Musa. Zakir Musa is said to be training many people with an intention of helping them to get refugee status in India.

The IB reported that many Rohingyas in India have already been successful in getting AADHAR cards and Voter ID and are being settled in strategic locations in the region of Jammu. But the so called secular parties still continue to shield Rohingyas while Bangladesh itself is taking strict action against them.

Now Bangladesh government has kept a vigil on the activities of the Rohingya refugees and do not want to give them free hand. They have also restricted the refugees camps and movements of Rohingyas in the country.

Now, it is India’s turn to deport them back as soon as possible and put an end to their terror activities.

Aishwarya S

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