On February 13th, Rahul Gandhi will convert to Islam in a city of Karnataka!

The true colour of Rahul Gandhi is finally out. Initially, he said that he was a janeu dhari Brahman but evidence had surfaced on the internet that proved that he had consumed non-vegetarian food in Mangalore. People ignored it saying “he might be an Italian Brahmin”. But it was their mistake.

The art exhibited by Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat was a wakeup call to the hundred crore Hindus of India. He showed how vulnerable is the Hinduism. When there was a situation where PM Modi’s BJP could have easily won 140+ seats, it ended up securing just 97 seats. This was purely because of the “divide and rule” principle of Rahul Gandhi. It was executed with the help of Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mevani and Alpesh Thakore.

Janeu dhari Brahmin will embrace Islam in a city of Karnataka!

Even though Rahul Gandhi had said that he is a Hindu, that too a janeu dhari Brahmin, it was hard to believe because as Sonia Gandhi was a catholic; even Rahul Gandhi was assumed to be a catholic. But now, reports have emerged that he will be visiting a popular Sufi shrine in Kalaburagi as part of his Karnataka election campaign on February 13. This strategy will be a part of Rahul Gandhi’s Karnataka visit.

By this, Rahul Gandhi proved that his “temple run” was just to fool the Hindus of Gujarat. What should be also noted that Rahul Gandhi didn’t visit the centuries old Virupaksha temple, which has made clear that Rahul Gandhi’s religion changes from one election to another.

How could he miss visiting a temple like Virupaksha temple? Does Rahul Gandhi think that people can be easily fooled? Rahul Gandhi’s family is ruling the Amethi constituency since 37 years and yet it is one of the least developed constituencies in the nation. What will Rahul Gandhi do if he becomes the Prime Minister of India? Definitely, India will be pushed centuries back, perhaps to the Stone Age.

In his election rallies, Rahul Gandhi hasn’t even opened his lip about settling the Mahadayi water crisis between Karnataka and Goa. He hasn’t even given out the statement on series of murders of Hindu youths in Karnataka. But after “temple run”, he is eyeing on Muslim vote bank.

Rahul Gandhi has a church at his official residence!

“He should first declare he is Hindu,I suspect he is Christian&has Church inside 10 Janpath”, this was the explosive statement made by Dr Subramanian Swamy on September 2017.

The suspicions expressed by Dr Subramanian Swamy became stronger after Rahul Gandhi signed a non-Hindu register on his visit to Somanath Temple in Gujarat on November 2017.

“He is a Catholic, I knew from day one. When he said that he is a Shiva Bhakt, I told him to publicly say that he was Hindu since I know that upon his birth his mother had sent his birth certificate to Italy. The Italian Internal Affairs have on record his date of birth and his religion”, Dr Swamy reiterated after Rahul Gandhi mentioned him as a non-Hindu.

Gandhi family is anti-national!

“This family is totally anti-national as far as India is concerned. (but) I must tell you this much: Rajiv Gandhi and I were very, very close friends, extremely close friends. In Parliament when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, he used to sit next to me along the aisle. After he lost office, he and I used to meet at 2 am everyday for two hours. So I know almost everything about the circumstances in which he got married, and what the relationship between the two (Rajiv and Sonia) was.”

This was said by Dr Swamy about the Gandhi family which makes it evident that he loved Rajiv Gandhi but not Sonia Gandhi and her children. What may be the reason for that?

Hansika Raj