Barkha Dutt, who was one of the journalists of NDTV, has once again scored a massive self-goal with her bizarre logic in a bid to support Hardik Patel after his sex tape surfaced.

She said “As a journalist totally opposed to stories invasive of personal lives- whether that of PM, RG or Hardik Patel – unless proven public interest issues involved or consent in question. These stupid stories are an embarrassment to journalism, no matter who the politician/party is”. She further said that “I think all the commentary on his former marriage is also vile and invasive”.

So Barkha Dutt boasted that she opposed stories that exploited personal life of someone. But we provide you an excerpt on how NDTV increased its TRP using sex tapes of celebrities or individuals.

This proves that the former NDTV employee Barkha Dutt was blatantly lying. If she followed every word of her statement, then why didn’t she oppose when NDTV telecasted shows on sex tapes?

A young girl rips apart Barkha Dutt!!!

This young girl asked “How many times have u issued this tipe of statements when BJP leaders Sex tapes were made public?”. This exposes the hypocrisy of Barkha Dutt who was trying to defend Hardik Patel’s sex tape.

Yes, the words of Barkha Dutt would have been completely different if it was some BJP leader in the place of Hardik Patel. She would have even called it as a rape.

This twitterati reminded Barkha Dutt her past. Her previous employer, NDTV, had made cash by poking into others personal lives and now Barkha Dutt is acting like a saint.

Presstitutes haunted PM Modi’s personal life!!! Never forget it!!!

When there was no weak point of PM Modi so that the Congress can tarnish his image, they used “sold out journalists” and dug into PM Modi’s personal life. At that time, where was the ethics of Barkha Dutt? Where was her journalism of high standard?

Barkha Dutt’s heart beats for Pakistan? This twitterati says so!!!

Why can’t Hardik Patel file a police complaint?

There are two possibilities revolving around Hardik Patel’s sex tape. Either the CD was released by Hardik Patel himself that’s why he doesn’t want to go to the police, or else, the sex tape is genuine and this is the reason he is blaming it on BJP so that the public’s attention would be diverted.

Who recorded the sex tape? Who leaked the sex tape? Is the sex tape genuine?” All these questions needed to be answered but apart from all these the questions, what the people are questioning is that “How the Congress is blaming on BJP without even having a single proof?”

Controversies of Barkha Dutt!!!

  • Barkha Dutt has received praises from terrorist Hafiz Sayeed and former Pakistani President Musharaf.

  • She once said that during Congress rule, even though Sonia and Rahul Gandhi
    never spoke to media, the government secretaries gave inside information to
    media outside press conference. Barkha Dutt also revealed that the National
    Security Advisor of the country and the principal secretary to the Prime minister
    used to interact with the media behind screen and gave many information. But PM Modi never shared any secret information with media and due to this, the TRP of NDTV declined drastically. This was the reason she hated PM Modi to the core.

Barkha Dutt even criticsed the killing of Kashmir Pandits!!!

“They (Pandits) were the elite of the valleys. They may have been minority, but at that time they had monopolized government jobs, plum postings and other such social benefits.” This is how Barkha Dutt tried to justify the killing of Kashmiri Pundits. She went on to say that the economic divide created between these Pandits and poor Muslims led to the genocide of the Pandits.

Ananya Sharma

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