Hardik Patel throws Rahul Gandhi to dustbin! Says, he will support “M” in 2019, instead of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress

The day has finally come when the close circle of Rahul Gandhi has decided to sideline him. At a crucial junction when Sonia Gandhi ordered everyone to accept Rahul Gandhi as their boss, the close aide of Rahul Gandhi has decided to dump him and join hands with the “M” factor.

Hardik Patel has made the big announcement saying he will jump into the campaigning of 2019 elections but not under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership. In the month of December, he had also joined Congress and had created a big vote swing that helped to reduce BJP’s seat share.

But now, he is all set to embrace a new leader and a new party. The leader is none other than West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee. Yes, after meeting Mamata Banerjee for about half-an-hour, Hardik Patel has said that all the opposition parties must fight the 2019 election under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee.

This statement has shocked everyone because the think-tank of Congress is seen pressurizing its allies to support Rahul Gandhi and accept his as the Prime Ministerial candidate. But the statement made by Hardik Patel has choked the Congress party.

What did Hardik Patel say?

  • At the moment, the Congress and the Trinamool Congress are the two big opposition parties in the country. But, if didi (Mamata Banerjee is lovingly called) or the Congress and other parties sit together and decide something, that will be good.
  • “But if you ask my personal opinion, I will say she is an intelligent woman who has a history of being a revolutionary leader and she should come forward to be the leader (of opposition parties)”.

“But for those who are against her, it will be a matter of tension”, he added. Probably, he meant this to Rahul Gandhi because right now, only Rahul Gandhi is bothered if she becomes the PM candidate of the opposition.

Why not Sonia Gandhi a “lady Gandhi”?

“I saw lady Gandhi. She is a simple and selfless person. After Indira Gandhi, she has been the epitome of struggle for the cause of the people. Simplicity is personified by Mamata Banerjee”, by saying this, Hardik Patel equated Mamata Banerjee to Indira Gandhi.

Surprisingly, Hardik Patel’s statement has given rise to serial of suspicions. The main suspicion is whether Hardik Patel is joining TMC with the greed that he will get better position (or it may be even heavy bags of cash). Second suspicion is whether Hardik Patel joined politics just to swing and divide the votes on “contract basis”(After a contract, change the party). For example, in 2017 Gujarat elections, he broke Patidar votes and effected the BJP. In 2019, he may increase the seat shares of TMC so that Mamata Banerjee can be a Prime Ministerial candidate from the UPA if in case the UPA gets majority.

Hardik Patel all set to join Trinamool Congress (TMC)?

  • She has openly told me that whenever I want to join politics the door of TMC is open for me and you can manage the party in Gujarat. But I told her I do not have political aspiration now. But if I decide to join politics, I would definitely seek her advice,
  • I will definitely come here to campaign during the Lok Sabha elections in 2019… But we all have to be united to fight those who are trying to divide the country.
  • There are so many Gujaratis and people from the Kurmi community in West Bengal. Didi has sent a recommendation to include the Kurmi community in schedule tribe but not in the OBC…

This is how Hardik Patel openly praised Mamata Banerjee which has now led to suspicion on his loyalty to Rahul Gandhi.

What did Mamata Banerjee say about Hardik Patel?

“He is very good and sensitive. He is fighting for the people of Gujarat…I have asked him to join politics and work for the good of the common man”, said Mamata Banerjee.

The rebellion within Congress is increasing and when the leader is weak, this is bound to happen.


Hansika Raj