Hindu festivals bring joy, excitement, and a slew of preparations. Our festivals don’t just last a day or a week, they begin a long time before their actual arrival and the fervour continues for days after they’re gone. But for the last few years, one more thing accompanies almost every one of our festivals – sermonizing by a certain class of people as to how we should and how we shouldn’t celebrate them.

This Diwali was no different. In fact, this section of people – actors, politicians, even some cricketers this time – got a major boost as the Supreme Court banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi. Their long-standing view that crackers on Diwali causes pollution and pain to animals, was somewhat vindicated when the Supreme Court brought about this ban.

But this doesn’t mean that these sermonizers are genuinely concerned about our surroundings. This habit to propagate water-less Holi, cracker-less Diwali, etc., are simply their ways to show to society that they care for the surroundings, that they are environmentally-conscious, and that they don’t only just take from society, they give something back as well, even if it is in the form of hollow words. And this is not a personal opinion, this can be evidenced by their own hypocrisy.

This is what Congress leader Shashi Tharoor tweeted this Diwali –

Clearly, he’s staunchly against firecrackers because they are ‘unholy’ and cause pollution. Now see these tweets –

Behold! Firecrackers have suddenly become pious objects that let out oxygen and not harmful smoke!

Next, is Yuvraj Singh. In a video posted on Twitter, he called for people to not use firecrackers.

Now see the following screenshot which is apparently of his wedding reception.

Again, the very crackers that cause pollution on Diwali became little scented things that let out the most invigorating of gases and noises.

‘Diversifying’ the hypocrisy a bit, this example is about how many actors talk about being protective to animals when Diwali is around because these mute creatures can’t express how pained they are due to the loud noises.

Here’s presenting such an example –

The miracle is such, that the sheep that Anushka Sharma eats isn’t a living being and doesn’t feel any pain when it is slaughtered to feed her stomach. Animals served on dinner plates after having being slaughtered isn’t inflicting pain on animals, but noises on Diwali are. This is the most appalling example of hypocrisy! At the risk of sounding harsh, if these people had dog-meat as a part of their diet, then their explicit care towards them would have vaporised!

Source: https://www.readoo.in/2017/10/hypocrisy-of-the-celebs-revealed-in-their-own-tweets-regarding-the-use-of-crackers

Vinayak Jain

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