In a tight slap to the pseudo-liberals and people who are against everything related to India or its glorious culture, Kamal Haasan exposed the hypocrisy of the Adarsh liberals when he openly pledged his support to Jallikattu festival in Tamil Nadu. Slamming all those who oppose Jallikattu on the name of animal welfare, Kamal Haasan said that if a festival has to be banned just because of animal welfare, Biryani must be banned before that.

Speaking at the India Today South Conclave in Chennai, Kamal Haasan told Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal, “If you want a ban on jallikattu, let’s also ban biryani.” He also supported the festival of Jallikattu calling it an integral part of Tamil culture of which he was proud. “I’m a big fan of jallikattu. I’m probably one of few actors who’ve played jallikattu. Am a proud Tamilian, this is our culture,” he said.

It was on the arguments of so-called animal rights lovers the Supreme Court had banned Jallikattu and then again dismissed a review petition by Tamil Nadu against the jallikattu ban in November 2016. Reiterating his support for jallikattu and suggesting that upset animal activists go a step further and ban biryani too, the actor said, “I have played the game. I’m one of the very few actors who can lay claim to actually embracing a bull. I’m a Tamilian and I like the sport.” This is the first time that most of the stalwarts in Tamil Nadu have come openly and systematically in support of Jallikattu. Yesterday, Chief Minister O Panneerselvam had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to issue an ordinance allowing the Jallikattu.

This bold stand by Kamal Haasan comes as a slap to the Adarsh Liberals who oppose Jallikattu which is a normal game and contrary to the perception, does not cause injury to the animals. However, the same set of animal rights activists enter into hibernation when a few million goats, sheep, cow, bulls and buffalos are slaughtered on Eid. Also, the silence from these groups on slaughter of turkeys during Christmas is another example of their hypocrisy. In the garb of animal rights, they attack every festival related to the great Indian culture but remain silent on open killing of animals in festivals like Eid and Christmas. Also, the Dawood controlled Bollywood must take a lesson from Kamal Haasan and stand for our culture. When dahi-haandi celebrations was banned by the court, none of the Bollywood actors stood in support of the festival while Kamal Haasan has stood for our culture, our festival by exposing the hypocrisy of the Adarsh liberals. Well done, Kamal Haasan !!

Kshitij Mohan

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