Despite voting for a party that claimed to make a difference in the State elections, the people of Delhi have voted against the same party, led by Arvind Kejriwal. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been victorious in Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections for the third time.

This election was considered as a mid – term evaluation of the State government and the ruling AamAdmi Party (AAP) has lost the election in a very bad way. So, now it is the time to analyze what made AAP to lose disastrously and how BJP has become a winner?

  1. Modi versus Kejriwal:

AAP highlighted Kejriwal in its propaganda more than party which had caused some displeasure among some of the party workers. Some posters were depicting as it was a battle between PM Modi and CM Arvind Kejriwal. Most of posters contained Arvind Kejriwal’s picture and didn’t even contain party’s name. However, BJP promoted party’s National President Amit Shah and Delhi President Manoj Tiwari in its posters. So AAP was battling in a wrong path with BJP.

  1. Efforts towards expansion to other states:

Kejriwal, after his triumph in Delhi, started expanding the party in other states like Punjab, Goa, Himachal Pradesh etc. This diverted the focus of the party to rule Delhi and develop the State in a good way! So Delhi was betrayed by AAP.

  1. Fight against EVMs:

The complaints about Kejriwal about Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) have turned negative towards AAP. The counter argument by BJP about his victory in Delhi elections and during which no one questioned EVMs became more agreeable among masses. That is how the issue became another threat for Kejriwal.

  1. Dissatisfaction among people:

People are not seeing any developmental work going on under Kejriwal government in Delhi. The situation has largely remained same or even worsened in some cases. So people had realized that AAP doesn’t fulfill the promises it makes.

  1. Acceptance of Modi government decisions:

More than State government, the Central government has made a significant impact in the lives of common man in Delhi which has become another favorable condition for BJP.

  1. Division of votes:

During State elections, AAP didn’t win because of Kejriwal’s charisma. But Congress and AAP had joined together to sideline BJP. However, in this election, they contested separately and hence their vote share got divided. Moreover, the new parties like Swaraj India also took away votes that were in favor of AAP.

It is the time for Kejriwal to understand that it is not because of him that the party had come to power but due to certain equations which favored him. His work is not appreciated by the people and they have taught a lesson to them.

Akshara Damle

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