The Uttarakhand government’s Scholarship Scheme for children from minority communities who belong below poverty line (BPL) families has seen a declining trend. To such an extent that over 88% are no longer enrolled in the scheme.

Data accessed revealed that there were 2,21,800 students who were enrolled in the scheme in 2014-15, but in 2016-17 the number suddenly dipped to just 26,394.

What accounts for the disappearance of almost 2 lakh students who were availing benefits of the scheme merely 2 years earlier?

The scholarship amounts varied depending on the class the student were in. Students in classes I to V were entitled to around Rs 50 per month, those in classes VI to VII almost Rs 80 per month, while the scholarship amount was around Rs 120 for students of classes IX & X.

There are various theories being circulated to explain the missing students. Since the “disappearance” happened after the minorities welfare department — which oversees the scheme — decided to digitize all its records from 2015-16 onwards, the prevailing theory is that digitation of records busted the “massive corruption” that used to happen in the guise of the scholarship scheme.

So far the ruling party in Uttarakhand, Congress has left no stone unturned in order to curb the money which was being given to these minority kids. The party which claims to make a better India had nothing worse to do than corrupting the scholarship funds reserved for education purpose.

To add to the pathetic conditions, total amount of 14 crores has come down to the extent of 2 crores!!

The present times after BJP Party came into ruling in Uttar Kand along with other states, it is into revealing the real faces of these Congress people and their level of corruption.

The principal of a madrassa based in Haridwar, where maximum students seem to have opted out, claimed that this was because of “hassles” involved in registering for the scheme online. “Most families whose children are eligible for the scheme can barely read or write. Since it was made mandatory for the students’ details to be uploaded online, this may have acted as a deterrent,” said Mohammad Ilyas, principal of a madrassa in Haridwar.

According to these reports, the Congress people and few of the Muslims themselves had stopped this process of registration, as it would reveal the scams made by them. And it would give a record of where the money was going and into whose pockets.

For those who ask what good work is Modi up to and question his deeds, those people need to know about these facts first!!

Firstly find out what congress party and its supporters are up to (repeated). People promoting and encouraging Rahul Gandhi for Prime Minister Post, needs to question themselves, are they literally capable of it?

“The amount meant for students availing of the scholarship was paid to either the schools or madrassas where they were enrolled. After the records became digitized, details of the students were required to be uploaded online. This might have alarmed those indulging in wrong-doing. Consequently, we saw that many districts stopped coming forward to avail of the scheme. In fact, as many as six of the 13 districts reported in the last financial year that there were no takers for the scheme,” said a source in the minorities’ welfare department.

Shiki Shetty

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