Veteran Congress leader, former union minister Margaret Alva recently released her book ‘Courage and Commitment.’ Rupa Publications has published it in the market last month.  The author claims it’s just about her political journey. But, to put it in simple words, the book actually puts light on the Congress party’s controversies and the evil side of Sonia Gandhi.

The point worth noticing is that after exposing the Congress party, the author has put a brave face and claimed that her book does not attack Sonia Gandhi. To rub salt on the wound, the former union minister personally handed over the first copy to Sonia Gandhi.

This is like-“Hey, I am exposing your hypocrisy in this book; please accept the first copy of the book!”

During her interaction with journalists, she claimed that all the information in her book is also available in the public domain as well as in the Parliament. While interacting with journalist Karan Thapar, she gave an account about how Sonia Gandhi insulted former Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao’s dead body.

“In 2004 December, after Narasimha Rao’s death, even his body was insulted by the congress leadership. Sonia got her revenge. The former Prime Minister’s body was not even allowed to be kept inside the AICC premises. The carriage carrying the former Prime Minister was parked outside the gate, on the pavement. Even chairs for party leaders were kept outside the office gate. Rao had differences with certain leaders from the party, but he had served as party’s president, country’s prime minister and as state’s CM as well. His performance was remarkable while handling all the posts.  When a man is dead, you should not treat him that way. I was very hurt, and I said to my colleagues that this is not the way to treat the dead leader,”- said Margaret Alva during her interaction with Thapar.

“Till the time I was the party’s general secretary, there was not even one picture of Narasimha Rao in the AICC offices. On the other hand, pictures of other lesser important leaders and even those who deserted Congress at some point have been put inside offices,”- said Alva.

This book has once again proved that the Gandhi family and their loyal comrades have made an attempt to remove Narasimha Rao’s work and name from the history. He wasn’t even given an honor of a cremation in Delhi after his death.

It’s very unfortunate that the prime minister who brought economic revolution in the country got the first memorial in Delhi after long ten years from his death. NDA government, especially M Venkaiah Naidu, and PM Modi fast-tracked the construction work and got it ready by June 2015.

Nitten Gokhaley

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