Meet Harshwardhan Zala – a 14 year old genius about whom every Indian must know

Meet Harshwardhan Zala, a 14 year old genius, who has become the star attraction of the recently concluded Vibrant Gujarat Summit held in Ahmedabad. He has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) of Rs 5 crore with government of Gujarat for production of drones designed by him. The 14 year old signed a deal with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat, to facilitate production of the drones that will help in the detection of land mines on war fields and subsequently defuse them. While all his classmates are tensed about the upcoming board exams, he had been busy making three prototypes of the drone and develop his business plan. Harshwardhan Zala has made 3 prototypes of the drone and has registered for a patent. More importantly, he has even set up his own company called Aerobotics.

Zala started the work on the prototype of his drone, which can detect landmines, in 2016. “The inspiration struck when I was watching television and learned that a large number of soldiers succumb to injuries sustained due to landmine blasts while defusing them manually,” he said. He said it cost him more than Rs 5 lakh on designing the three prototypes of the drone. About Rs 2 lakh were given to Zala by his parents, while another Rs 3 lakh were given to him in form of a grant by the Gujarat government.

“The drone has been equipped with infrared, RGB sensor and thermal meter along with a 21-megapixel camera with a mechanical shutter that can take high resolution pictures as well,” he said. The drone is designed to send out waves that cover eight sq mt area while flying two feet above the surface; the waves detect land mines and communicate their location with a base station. “The drone also carries a bomb weighing 50 gram that can be used to destroy the landmine ,” explained Zala, who was looking at manufacturing the drone and getting it tested by security agencies.

“I started making drones on my own and set up an interface with a base station but realised I need to do more. So I fixed payloads that detect landmines. I have several other plans that I want to execute once the patent for this drone is registered,” he said.

At a time when “32 year old students” from a certain university, indulging in anti-national acts while living off tax payers’s money, are made Heroes by media, here is a 14 year old boy who has done something extremely productive for the country. Let us make him famous. He must be India’s hero and idols for millions of youth of our country, not those who call for breaking India by supporting the terrorists.

Kshitij Mohan