Son of a B**ch!!!

Congress party which is low on moral grounds has once again proved that it cannot come out of the words like condom, sex, chutiya. The new addition to their abusive word power was ‘Son of a Bitch’.

This time a frustrated Congress Minister has used his boneless tongue to abuse PM Modi in a public rally. In an attempt to win the claps and whistles from the crowd, this cabinet Minister of Karnataka government said that PM Modi is being called as a ‘son of a b**ch’ after his demonetisation move.

He said that, after PM Modi banned the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, even the BJP supporters call him son of a bitch. He further said that the Gujaratis are marwadis and will never support BJP.

This abusive minister also said that Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi have sacrificed their lives. But sadly Rajiv Gandhi’s son (Rahul Gandhi) is being scolded.

This again shows that he is not ready to come out of his slave mentality of supporting the dynasty politics. If Rahul Gandhi want to earn a position in India, then he should work for the people instead of roaming in foreign nations with film stars. Another thing is that the contribution of Rajiv Gandhi was Bofor and Bhopal Gas tragedy. So why should the people praise Rahul Gandhi? Are scams and tragedies a matter of pride for the Congress men?

Why Roshan Baig is an absolute hypocrite?

This abusive speech was made by Roshan Baig in Tamil language. We Indians don’t have any problem over language but this same minister once threatened Marathis for chanting ‘Jai Maharashtra’. But today, this minister was found abusing PM Modi in Tamil language.

After this, Shiv Sena spokersperson had said that it was a Taliban decision to target Marathis for shouting ‘Jai Maharashtra’.

Who is Roshan Baig?

R. Roshan Baig is a minister of Karnataka state in India. He is a member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. This abusive minister is also a vice-chairman of the Al-Ameen Educational Society. He is a very high profile minister in Karnataka who had held position as Minister for Tourism and Haj, Minister for Information, Public Relations and Haj, Minister For Urban Development, City Corporations, Urban Land Transport KUWSDB & KUIDFC, Haj Information & Wakf.

Will Congress party take actions against this Minister?

Looking at the past track records, the party may perhaps praise his abusive speech!!!


Hansika Raj

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