What do other Muslims do that ticks Muslims off?

THE GANGS OF PEDOPHILIA- An epidemic of sexual abuse of thousands of kids by people mostly from one country.

THE GANGS OF PEDOPHILIA- An epidemic of sexual abuse of thousands of kids by people mostly from one country.

In countries across the world particularly in United Kingdom, there are pedophilia gangs which have exploited thousands of kids. Overwhelming number of the perpetrators come from one country in Asia. Media outlets like BBC, Guardian etc. obfuscate that country in its reporting as “ASIAN”, maligning the whole continent in the process.

This country is supposedly the land of Pure, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

I think everybody who has a child to take care of in their family must read the answer to understand the gravity of the topic. Aware adults in family can significantly reduce the chance of such heinous thing happening to kids or teenagers in their family. If you are weak hearted, then kindly don’t scroll down further as the content may be disturbing for you.

Let’s see how the pedophile gangs operated in UK.

Modus Operandi: These people in gangs would befriend young girl. They would either entice them to parties or make them addicted with drugs or alcohol. Subsequently they will sexually assault the kids repeatedly. Often they would sell the kids for sex. There were pregnancies, terminations, miscarriages, babies raised by their mothers, and babies removed, causing further trauma. Those impregnated included girls as young as 12

Here are few of the cases mostly in UK.

  1. Rotherham Sex Ring- 1400+ Child Victims

Those who are living in UK or have lived there, the first thing that come to mind after reading my first statement is “Rotherham”.

For more than a decade gangs of scores and scores of people from one country in an organized way carried out sexual assaults on young mostly white girls for over a decade. Yes the biggest assault on kids in UK history was coordinated and done in cold blood. A “common thread” was that Pakistani taxi drivers had been picking the children up for sex from care homes and schools.

Why Did British Police Ignore Pakistani Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children? Political Correctness (FORBES)

….The people of Rotherham know that it is unsafe for a girl to take a taxi-ride from someone with Asian features; they know that Pakistani Muslims often do not treat white girls with the respect that they treat girls from their own community

2. Rochdale Child Abuse Ring: 50+ Child victims

9 People were convicted, all except one were of Pakistan origin. One of the convict was a teacher of religious studies and father of 5 Children


3. Derby Sex Ring: 100 Child Victims

The culprits were thirteen men mostly Pakistani. The leaders were Abid Mohammed Saddique and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat, both married men with young children. They would loiter in the streets of Derby for targeting young girls. After legal proceedings were launched against them, Saddique and Liaqat grew long beards and adopted Islamic dress. At the time of this incident out of 56 People convicted for Pedophilia, 50 were of Pakistani origin

4. Oxford Child Abuse Ring: 300+ Victim

Seven people could be caught out of which 5 were of Pakistani origin, two of African origin. Their victims were mostly white teenage girls. The girls were “subjected to sexual violence marked out by its sadism: sexual assaults designed to draw blood, multiple rapes, [and] physical attacks in which [they were] choked”

The young girls were then sold for 600 pounds a time. Mohammed Karrar, the ringleader of the gang was “brazen in his exploitation”, he was of the view that the authorities will never challenge him, which turned out to be true for a long period of time.

5. Telford child sex abuse ring: 225+ Victims

It was described by media as yet another rotherham style Child rape gang. Though only a fraction of victims could be identified. Only seven people could be convicted, all of Pakistani origin. Their names include Ahdel Ali, Mubarek Ali, Mohammed Ali Sultan, Tanveer Ahmed, Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, Mahroof Khan and Mohammed Younis.

6. Keighley child sex abuse ring: 179+ Victims

The alleged ringleader of the gang was named as local drug-dealer of Pakistan origin, Ahmed Al-Arif Choudhury, who was not among those found guilty in court. The victims were groomed with gifts and apparent displays of affection before being coerced into abusive sexual relationships. Victims were raped at various locations in Keighley, including parks, churchyards and an underground car-park. Though the gang had many members, only 11 could be convicted. All of Pakistani origin viz. Sufyan Ziarab, 22; his brother Bilal Ziarab, 21; Yasser Kabir, 25; Hussain Sardar, 19; Nasir Khan, 22; Saqib Younis, 29; Israr Ali, 19; Faisal Khan, 27; Zain Ali, 20; and Tanqueer Hussain, 23.; Mohammed Akram,

7. Newcastle child sex abuse ring: 780 Victims

Seventeen Gang members were there mostly of Pakistan origin men

8. Aylesbury child sex abuse ring: Dozens

Six members of a pedophile ring have been jailed after grooming vulnerable underage white girls for sex for as little as “the price of a McDonald’s, a milkshake and cinema ticket”


9. Kasur (Pakistan) Child sex abuse ring: 280+ Girl Victims

Not just in other countries, back home too several Pakistani men have been arrested for running an Organized pedophilia rings. They would film sexual activity with little girls and sell the videos on internet.

10: Ashfield (Australia) gang rapes: 18 Victims

The rapes were under intense media scrutiny in Australia.


You know, if pedophilia was done by an individual, one would have agreed it’s a mental problem. But dozens of people from the same country (Pakistan) across the globe, in gangs do such heinous acts to innocent kids, I think that is not incidental but a flaw in their culture.

The problem is not of individuals. It’s of their society.

If you see the documentary Hidden Shame, you will see the real reason why only people from one country indulge in such heinous acts.

Pakistan’s Hidden Shame: Documentary reveals horrors of pedophilia in K-P

Thankfully, this was widely covered in Pakistani media. In the beginning itself, Pakistani cricketer turned politician described it as “an embarrassing part of their society”. Later in the documentary, men openly admitted to have raped more than a dozen kids. The heinous practice which in local language is called “Bachhabazi” is in fact culturally accepted to the extent that bus drivers boast about it in open.

If you are thinking the lawmakers are not complicit. Then have a look at this.

‘Anti-Islamic’: Pakistan rejects anti pedophilia bill (Reuters)

Yes, you got it right. The decision was reportedly taken by Hafiz Saeed, the master mind of the Mumbai attacks. Yes he wields tremendous influence

The apathy of the Govt and the cultural acceptance of pedophilia have begun to have disastrous consequences. According to surveys published in Pakistani Dawn newspaper, 90% of street children are sexually abused in Pakistan. This cultural acceptance of pedophilia in Pakistan has spilled across the world, and for me this not just ticks me off, it actually disgusts me to limits. They also seem to be having an impact on Muslims of other nationalities too. This made me sad and angry.

A country which has elected Mayors of Pakistani origins in several cities including their biggest city of London, certainly doesn’t deserve this. This is betrayal of the highest order.

These Gangs of Pedophilia by people who are Muslims from Pakistan ticks off not just Muslims but the entire Humanity.


APPEAL: BBC, Guardian etc must not malign Chinese, Japanese, Indians etc by naming the pedophile gangs as “Asians”. Being truthful is not being politically correct. Use the name of the country they belong to.

Abdul Qadir