There are chances that the heading of this piece may make you think that it is a hoax or a fabricated news. NO. This is not a hoax, instead a shocking fact which every common people of this nation must know. 

The facts represented in this article have been taken from CAG report and some facts are taken from various past investigations. 

  1. Security Printing and Minting Corporation who is responsible for printing and plating of currency notes printed Currency Notes with a signature of Subba Rao ( RBI Governor whose tenure ended in September 2013) in 2014 also when Raghuram Rajan became RBI Governor. Thus making a loss of 36.69 crore. If you can understand then it is actually a loss of RBI but it was benefit for fake currency distributors and it is just a matter of common sense whose government was then and Why this money was printed and distributed in market. 



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