MUST WATCH! Once Congress had offered Narendra Modi to join Congress, Watch what he had replied!

Today Congress people are hell bent to malign Narendra Modi government. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi since 10 years have run relentless campaign against Modi calling him with “Maut Ka saudaghar” and “Khoon Ki Dhalali” etc etc!

Congress has desperately tried to stop Modi from entering Delhi using the Gujarat riots issue. Narendra Modi was one man who was targeted the most in the history of politics. Congress very well knew that once Modi occupies the PM chair, it would be the end of Congress.

But not many know that Congress fifteen years back had tried to bring Modi into their party just like how they had brought Shankersinh Vaghela, who was in BJP before he could join Congress. Not just Congress, everybody in Politics knew that Narendra Modi was a very capable leader and a shrewd politician. He was best compared to anyone and was well known for his management skills. He was a very dedicated worker with strong personality.

In one of the very old and rare video during a debate, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh is seen openly asking Narendra Modi to join Congress party and there was vacancy for him. Narendra Modi was the the General Secretary of BJP then. But Narendra Modi is seen out-rightly rejecting the offer saying that Congress will be in big trouble if I join the party, since I come from Sangh Parivar. He indirectly states that ideologies of BJP and Congress do not match.


Before Narendra Modi was made the Chief Minister of Gujarat, there were many attempts made by the Congress party to pull in Modi into Congress. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi the BJP had won many local body elections which had almost made it impossible for the Congress to break the vote shares. The Congress believed that bringing Narendra Modi into Congress was the best option to get back to power. So Congress tried to be in good terms with Modi. In fact Narendra Modi had himself declared in an interview that he was a good friend of Ahmed Patel (the top leader in Congress) before he was declared the CM of Gujarat and often referred him as Babu Bhai!

So it was well known that Congress knew the capability of Narendra Modi since long and that is what fears them even today.

Aishwarya S**