What is the mystery behind the sixth door of Anantha Padmanaba Swamy temple in Kerala?

Before I go ahead with the topic let me tell you a little about my personal experience.

The tales what I have heard from my grandparents goes like this… it is believed that, when the Kings and emperors were invaded by other rulers, when they had no other option left and have to fled away from their palace, they used to pack all their precious belongings and valuables in mud pots and bury it beneath under the ground with the intention that the attackers should not be able to possess them.

Also one more belief goes like this… whenever there occurred droughts and floods during the olden times, the prince and princesses used to leave away pots filled with valuables along with the flowing water. And they would pray to god that, it should reach a needy man and help him in his times of financial crisis. And these pots were discovered in the late 18th and 19th centuries and are even found now. However, if found by any of the individual he/she is possessed to inform the concerned authorities and then the government takes the possession of it in the present time.

Today I talk about such a mystery full of treasure and valuables hidden behind the doors of Anantha Padmanabaswamy Temple located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Talking about the origin of the temple… Thiruvananthapuram in Malayalam depicts to “the city of lord Anantha”. Known to be built in the 16th century by the kings of Travancore, the temple structure is a combination of Kerala style and Dravidian style architecture. Some of the well- known writers, scholars and historians, like the Late Dr. L.A Ravi Varma of Travancore has estimated this temple to be established on the first day after Kali Yuga started. This is approximately about 5000 years ago. However, the exact date of existence is not to be known neither mentioned in the history books.

The mysterious sixth door of Anantha Padmanabaswamy Temple!!

The sixth door of the Temple is getting highly famous in all over the world now, for its mysterious secrets. The temple is believed to have 6 chambers or vaults in total and the estimated wealth belonging to the temple is calculated to be more than 1, 20,000 crore rupees.

According to the trust members and the other learned astrologers of India, this door is highly mysterious, sacred and referred to be dangerous. There is definitely a high amount of risk for people whoever tries to open this chamber. The shut door consists of no lock to it neither has a latch to open it nor nuts and bolts. And gives a creepy feel having 2 big cobra portraits on the huge door. So there is no possible way to open it.

According to the experts, this last door is expected to open all by itself when a secret chant is spelled, as it is locked using that chant itself. The door is believed to be locked by “Naga Bandhan” or “Naga Paasham mantras” by the siddha purushas, who lived during the 16th century the era of King Marthanda Varma.

Thus the only single way left to open it is to chant those mantras again in front of the locked door; this will open it all by itself. And this is possible by only Sadhus and Mantrikas who are well-versed with the knowledge of “Garuda Mantra”. Well, at present there are no such Siddha Purushas or Sadhus who can recite these mantras, exist on earth. And no one can do this job apart from them. Any ordinary man trying to do this can be in deep trouble. As the door is guarded by deadly serpents!!

Deadly attacks on those who tried to open this door…

In the year 1930, some of the treasure hunters had made an attempt to open this door and the minute the attempt started, deadly serpents appeared before them to attack. There was absolutely no trail of from where they came. And this proved the door was not an ordinary one but has serious curses behind it!!

According to the trustees and the priests there, any attempt made to open this door by human effort or any form of technology can cause harm to the whole temple, its surroundings and the people living in the city. Thus no one has dared to make an attempt in the later days.

Adding to the curiosity:

A group of 7 Archeologists had opened the underground chambers along with the help of the temple priests in the year 2001. And they discovered 6 chambers there and could reach and open until the fifth chamber.
What they found there and trust me this is going to stun you!! Gold coins that were older than 1000 years, gold necklaces with the length of 9 feet and weighed 2.5 kilos, one tonne of yellow metal in the shape of rice trinkets, antique jewellery with diamonds studded in it and what not. And other precious amounts of stones just lying on the floors which were countless.

What actually resides behind the sixth door of the temple is still not revealed and probably no one knows about it. According to experts, the sixth door might contain even more amount of treasures or something beyond imaginary. However, this will remain a mystery for generations.

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