She is a 23 year old adult, from Kasaragod ,Kerala. Her name is Athira. She hails from a Hindu family. She left home sometime in July this year and converted to Islam and began to call herself Ayesha.

Was she forced or held at knife point to convert to Islam? No, absolutely not. She was brainwashed by her college “friends” to convert to Islam. She was repeatedly told how evil Hinduism is and Hindus practices are, she was shown videos of Zakir Nayak, was coaxed to study Quran. She was added to WhatsApp group called “Hidhayath sisters” where she was brainwashed further.

All this was facilitated by her “friend” Aneesa’s brother Siraj. He was the force behind her conversion and he belongs to an Islamic fundamentalist organisation called Popular Front of India (PFI).

PFI is actively involved in converting Hindus (women especially) to Islam. Attaching a flyer along with translation, posted by PFI, openly threatening to kidnap & sell a Hindu woman named Shruthi, to ISIS. PFI supposedly has rate cards for South Indian Hindu women and Muslim men wishing to do #LoveJihad can access these rate cards and know the prices of Hindu girls. PFI is linked to terrorist organisations like ISIS, Hizbul, Al Qaeda, LeT and considers these terrorist outfits as freedom fighters.

Btw, ex VP Hamid Ansari, who feels minorities are threatened in India, has ties with PFI and perhaps is the new face of PFI going by his recent participation in a PFI event.

Now back to Athira/Ayesha’s story. After she left home in July, her parents had filed a missing person’s complaint. She later surrendered before Kannur police and claimed she would go back to her parents if they allowed her to practice Islam.

After she returned home, thanks to the intervention of Hindu helpline and Arsha Vidya Samajam, she studied Hinduism in detail and realised she had been misguided into converting to Islam by her “friends” and converted back to Hinduism.

Great, I am glad she is back with her parents and back to Hinduism. Kudos!

BUT, what is scary is the ease with which our people, especially women are being brainwashed to begin with. 23 yr old is not exactly very young. She is an adult and yet she was easily brainwashed.

Why? How?

Is it because we as a community, as a society fail to teach our children about our religion?
Is it because we are failing to stress on the importance of Hindu beliefs, practices and customs to our kids?
Is it because we are too secular for our own good?
Is it because we as a community are still in denial there are forces working hard to cause the end of Hinduism by any means possible?
Is it because we are ashamed to wear our religion on our sleeves because we don’t want to appear “uncool”?

Whatever maybe the reason, we need to wake up and realise we ourselves might be putting our future generation Hindus at risk. We need to make sure we educate ourselves and our people about Hinduism if we want to protect our people from falling prey to evils like #LoveJihad.


Rupa Murthy

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