OPPO’s Chinese Official Makes Derogatory Remarks on Indians; Employees Give Him a Befitting Reply

Disrespect of our flag or our nation should never be tolerated. If someone racially abuses us, then again, it should not be tolerated. A brilliant example of rightful intolerance was shown by a group of employees of the Chinese company OPPO when an OPPO official made demeaning comments on Indians.

A clash between the Chinese authority of the company and Indian employees began when a Chinese official harassed employees at Punjab’s OPPO service center and even made abusive comments on Indians in general.

It is known that this OPPO official kept assigning these employees work well beyond their scheduled working time which meant them having to reach home late at night. It is also said that the official treated Indians hatefully by calling Indian employees beggars and saying that Indians often work just for the sake of money.

This treatment and more so the racially abusive statements directed at the employees infuriated them to such an extent that they had a private meeting and took a very bold decision. In a befitting response to the Chinese official, these employees submitted a mass resignation letter.

In their letter, the employees have clearly stated the reasons behind their resignation. They even went on to say that there are other reasons too behind the step they’ve taken.

As India becomes the top FDI destination in the world, more and more companies are entering India to take advantage of India’s burgeoning economy and to tap into the massive market.

But these foreign companies must understand that their doing business in India is their requirement, not ours. It is they who see great profit-making potential in India and desire to attain a share of it. But this will not be done at the cost of us sacrificing our integrity.

India may still be suffering from poverty, but it isn’t like China has eliminated poverty completely. We are a trustworthy and supportive people, but we don’t trade our self-respect for money, unlike one of our neighbours does. China should realize that it can’t and shouldn’t try to treat us like it treats Pakistan.

Vinayak Jain