Railways is planning to introduce Talgo like trains between various major cities (Pic : IANS)

After the successful trial run of Talgo trains on New Delhi – Mumbai route where the Spanish built train covered the distance in less than 12 hours, which is 4 hours less than the time currently taken by Rajdhani Express, Indian Railways is planning to start trial runs and introduce light-weight trains which can cut down travel time between major cities of India such as Kolkata-Delhi, Delhi-Bangalore, Kolkata-Mumbai to name a few.

“We are exploring the possibilities of introduction of light weight aluminium coaches in our railway system. We are looking at similar light weight type trains for speedy run on the existing network”, Railway Board Member (Rolling Stock) Hemant Kumar told PTI. Since the Talgo coaches which completed successful trial run in New Delhi – Mumbai section is made of light weight aluminium and can tilt at curves, these trains can run at a much higher speed than the conventional trains on the existing tracks.

Since the TALGO coaches have a very low floor height and are not wide enough, the Talgo coaches can only be inducted for operational purpose after modification such as increasing the floor height, increasing the width and changing the seat structures. Therefore, Indian Railways is open to other companies who are interested in supplying light-weight aluminium coaches with tilt technology to run at higher speeds on the existing infrastructure. On the process of procuring these coaches, Shri Kumar said “We are examining every aspects. Whether to go for single tender or opting for open tendering process to acquire such train, we have to take a call on it.”

Shri Suresh Prabhu has already said that he feels that one must reach from any part of the country to the other part in less than 12 hours, and is looking forward to all possible means to reduce the travel time between major cities, be it by initiatives like Talgo, bullet trains or exploring technology for levitating trains.

Kshitij Mohan

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