The link between Bollywood and underworld is like Congress and scams. Under world don Dawood Ibrahim and his links with film stars is not a secret and don’t be surprised if it still exists. Many a times it was proved that the heroes who had given lectures in the movie about patriotism were caught red handed doing anti-national activities along with Pakistani dons.

Indians were shocked when the veteran actor Rishi Kapoor revealed that he had met the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim twice. Both his meetings with the don, who had killed hundreds of Indians had taken place in Dubai. Rishi Kapoor said that Dawood was extremely nice to him and even showed a lot of warmth. The first meet took place in the year 1988 and the latter took place in the year 1989. During the second meet, Dawood had even given his contact number to Rishi but Rishi Kapoor couldn’t contact as there were no cell phones in India those days.

“If you need anything at all, any money, anything, just feel free to ask me”. These were the words said by Dawood Ibrahim to Rishi Kapoor but Rishi says that he didn’t try to receive any help from Dawood.

Why this matter is discussed now because the son of Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor is in the centre of controversy. Ranbir Kapoor was spotted smoking along with Mahira Khan in New York. This actresses shot to fame after she was casted in the Hindi film “Raees”, opposite to Shah Rukh Khan. This film had witnessed heavy opposition in India because the story resembled like that of the underworld don of Gujarat who was a nightmare to Hindus. BJP had come to power in Gujarat after they promised to eliminate this gangster.

Indians showed their tolerance by supporting this actress and made her movie a hit in the box office. But this actress went back to Pakistan and said that her nation comes first. Mahira didn’t even make a single sentence of appreciation towards India.

If she had a purpose to win the heart of Indians, she would have learnt Indian culture and would have followed it. But apparently, her intention seems to be different.

Is there any possibility that through Mahira Khan, the underworld is trying to trap Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor? Indians Army is fighting day and night against the rogue nation Pakistan but meanwhile Bollywood actors are roaming with the actresses of Pakistan. Pakistan had even tried to trap Indians soldiers using female in the areas.

“I’ve gotten to know Mahira in a personal capacity over the last few months. She is somebody who I admire and respect, for her achievements and even more for the person she is. It is very unfair the way she is being judged and spoken about. What is also sad is the inequality in judgment just because she is a woman. I request you to stop the negativity and move on with your beautiful god gifted lives. Peace and love,” these were the words of Ranbir Kapoor after his picture with Mahira went viral.

We have seen people protesting against Indian cricket team for playing against Pakistan. But no one has ever focused on this angle. Last year, India got united and urged to put a ban on the movies that involved Pakistani actors. But these actors went back to Pakistan and never ever thanked India for showing so much love and support.

If the intelligence agencies probe all the Bollywood stars who have movement with Pakistani actress, then definitely a nexus with underworld will be exposed. But perhaps this may never happen in India.


Hansika Raj

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