The circumstances under which Jayalalitha died has led to several suspicions in the minds of the people even though the medical records showed that it was due to ill health, she lost her life. But now a sensational twist has been surfaced in Jaya’s death. Tamil Nadu Forest Minister Dindigul Srinivasan has claimed that the members of AIADMK lied about Jaya’s health. He was not specific on her health but gave the clue that Jaya Lalitha’s aide saw that people will not figure out the actual status of her health.

“We apologise to you, please forgive us. The truth is, nobody saw her at the ward, We all lied to you. This is truth. We all lied that day as we didn’t want our party secret to going out”, these were the words of Tamil Nadu Forest Minister Dindigul Srinivasan.

Sasikala made sure that there was not transparency in Jaya’s treatment. Sasikala was a total outsider to the party buy soon after the death of Jaya Lalitha, she expressed her greed to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Jayalalitha died on December 5, 2016 due to failure of health. Since the moment she was admitted to the hospital, there were several rumours on Jaya Lalitha’s health. None were allowed to meet Jaya without the permission of Sasikala.

In the month of August, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami had ordered a judicial probe on former Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa’s death. He also said that there were several doubts on the death of Jayalalitha and this needs to be sorted out.

Even when the photo of Jayalalitha’s dead body was observed carefully, it revealed something suspicious. Four dots were evident on the left cheek of Jaya which led to the speculation that she was poisoned. It was more shocking that Jayalalitha never came out on public for 75 days during her treatment. What came from the hospital was her dead body.

Jayalalitha herself had expressed the fear that she had a fear that someone would poison her to death. Sasikala’s family was known as “Mannargudi Mafia” which was popular for misusing the trust of Jayalalitha. After analysis all these situations, the statement of Tamil Nadu Forest Minister needs to be given importance.

Hansika Raj

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