Shocking!!! Hidden secret revealed; Indian Airlines pilot Rajiv Gandhi had to serve the nation during the 1971 Indo-Pak War but ran to Italy like a coward with Sonia and Rahul

A soldier’s mother happily sent her son to fight the 1971 Indo-Pak war knowing that she may lose her son. A wife sent her husband to war even though she was aware that she may become a widow. For them nothing was important when it came to nation. Today I will say another motivational story. This is a story of a woman who once said, she will be in India till her last breath. But did she forget that, she ran away with her husband and kid when our brave soldiers were fighting even after they were shot on the chest by the enemy’s bullet?

The seventh Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was a pilot by profession and worked for the domestic national carrier Indian Airlines beginning 1968. Rajiv Gandhi acquired a commercial pilot’s license from Delhi Flying Club after completing college from the United Kingdom.

But during the India-Pakistan war of 1971, the leave applications of all Indian Airlines pilots were cancelled so that they could be used for providing logistical support.

But the only brave pilot who was granted leave was none other than Rajiv Gandhi, a full-time pilot with Indian Airlines. After taking the leave, Rajiv and Sonia along with Rahul Gandhi fled to Italy. Sonia Gandhi said she will be in India till her last breath but why did she run away like this when our country was fighting against Pakistan? We can’t blame Rahul Gandhi for having regular foreign country trips because he leant it from his parents.

While indigenous Indians serving as pilots with Indian Airlines stood by to serve their motherland, Sonia Gandhi and family remained in the more peaceful surroundings of Italy during the entire duration of the war, returning only after General Niazi had signed the surrender papers.

The rest of the pilots decided to help their motherland but the person who wanted to rule India ran out of India like a coward. Sonia ran out of India in 1971 but delivered a filmy dialogue during election campaigns saying that “she will be in India till her last breath”. This dialogue came from her mouth only because she wanted to be India’s Prime Minister. Do we Indians deserve to be ruled by a lady who runs out of India when the nation is at war?

There are many instances when Sonia Gandhi disappointed India and her own Congress Party. Indira Gandhi had killed democracy after she had imposed Emergency and tortured lakhs of innocents. So the Indians turned down the Congress party in the 1977 elections. After this, Sonia Gandhi packed her bag and took refuge in the Italian embassy in New Delhi’s Chanakyapuri with her husband and children. Later Indira, Sanjay and Maneka Gandhi made a combined effort to convince her to return to the Gandhi Manson. So, one thing Indians should note is that she is not the one who can be with Indians when we are in trouble.

Now can we really call Rajiv Gandhi as a great Prime Minister who worked for the upliftment of the nation? In India we can see crores of youths who aspire to serve the nation in one form or the other. But Rajiv Gandhi, who claims that his grandfather fought for India’s freedom struggle ran away like a coward. Similar traits can be found in Rahul Gandhi. After all he is the son of Rajiv Gandhi.

All the blind followers of Congress should be ashamed to call the Congress a party that fought for India’s Independence. India has a proud history where the Kings never left the battle field until their last breath. But here, we can see a so called leader who enjoyed all the benefits from the government but ran out of nation when India needed him the most. Even we know how Nehru had put our security at risk by ignoring the importance of Army. This is the Congress, from Nehru to Rahul Gandhi; who never stood by the people.

Vikrant Raj**