SHOCKING!!! KR Narayananan was the first Christian President and not a Dalit President

If so, Kovind is India’s first Dalit President?

Shri Ramnath Kovind has been elected as the 14th President of India. Is he really the second Dalit elected to be the President of the country? Or the first one?

Obviously, we all know it was none other than eminent Diplomat KR Narayanan who has been projected as the first Dalit to be the President of India? But the recent findings with speaking evidence suggest otherwise.

“Cremated or buried?”

According to a report dated November 10, 2005, in The Times of India, KR Narayanan was cremated on the bank of Yamuna. “The last rites were performed by Dr S Ramachandran, his nephew, at a spot between ‘Shanti Van’, the memorial of Jawaharlal Nehru, and ‘Vijay Ghat’, that of Lal Bahadur Shastri”. The Sannyasins of Santigiri Ashram, who conducted the last rites of KR Narayanan in 2005, reaffirmed that his last rites were performed according to Hindu customs on the bank of Yamuna. However, The Times of India reported that his funeral was amid chanting of prayers of all religions.

Whatever it was, so far so good. Then came the twist. Unbelievable though it may seem, here in the heart of New Delhi, there is another grave of the same former president of India located in Delhi Christian Cemetery, near Prithviraj Road, New Delhi. The epitaph written on the gravestone reads: “KR Narayanan, a gentle colossus Former President of India (1997-2002)”. An Ashok Stambh is engraved on the gravestone.

“According to the secretary of the Delhi Cemeteries Committee, the mortal remains of Narayanan were brought to the Cemetery in 2008, at the time of the burial of his wife Usha Narayanan. The family of KR Narayanan can verify that whether claims of Church are true or not. Even if so, the mystery will not end there.”

The post-mortal journey of former Indian President from Ekta Stal (now Rashtriya Smriti) to a Christian Cemetery

Further investigation divulged that the supervisor of the cemetery also confirmed that the mortal remains of the former President was brought to the cemetery in 2008. They were buried there and a grave had been erected at the place, sharing the tomb with his wife Usha Narayanan (born as Tint Tint in Myanmar). It was alleged that KR Narayanan and his wife Usha Narayanan were Christians. The VHP leaders like Ashok Singhal had alleged many times that KR Narayanan is a Hindu only on papers. Now the latest evidence has proved the claims of Ashok Singhal to be correct. As it is widely known, the power corridors of Delhi have long been under the grip of Crypto-Christians. It is to be investigated that how KR Narayanan ended up in a Christian cemetery if he was a Hindu Dalit.

The guidelines inscribed in front of the cemetery itself clearly suggest that “This is a sacred place for Christian burials only”! So the Church allows or conducts the burial of the mortal remains of a baptized man or woman only. And it must have been followed by the Christian rituals and practices which are not supposed to give to non-Christians. Then on what religious ground a Hindu was buried there after violating the eternal and unbending canonic rules of the church.

The Church was in no way supposed to succumb to any request and allow a non-Christian to be buried there. Thus says. If so, will the Church extend the charity to lay men, not only in India but across the world? There are umpteen number of instances are there before us wherein the Church denied Christian burial to many born-Christians including celebrities in their cemetery.

For an instance, recently the Church had denied permission for the funeral of Mary John, the grandmother of famous actress Priyanka Chopra. According to a Times of India report dated January 27, 2017, Mary John, a Christian from Kerala, had always expressed a desire to be buried at the St John’s Attamangalam Church in her hometown, Kumarakom. However, the church authorities denied permission for the funeral, on the grounds that she had married a Hindu!

Early Allegations

Quoting an interview given to the Rediff, Frontline Magazine dated Nov. 1 – 14, 1997, has accused former VHP president Ashok Singhal of levelling false allegations against KR Narayanan, the then president-elect. “Narayanan is a Dalit Hindu only on paper. His bent of mind, philosophy of life and his life-long activities are all distinctly anti-Hindu.” The evidence? His Burmese-origin wife, Usha Narayanan, who the VHP claims was a Christian who changed her name. Papers that purport to show that the President’s parents had longstanding contact with Christian groups in their home district of Kottayam, Kerala. And the claim that Narayanan, who rose from humble origins, received financial aid from missionary organisations to study for his bachelor’s degree,” thus went on the article. Now, what supplementary evidence needed for the Frontline to establish that the allegations of Ashok Singhal not baseless?


If it was a handiwork of the Church, against the will of KR Narayanan, then it is another conspiracy of the Church whose motives and objects have yet to be unveiled. A question looms large over the church that if it was a ploy of the Church to raise a claim after decades that “Here is the grave of India’s first Christian President?”

If the Church buried KR Narayanan in the Cemetery as per the canon, then KR Narayanan must have been a baptised so that he was no longer a Hindu Dalit. The implications are many. The deceptive policy of Indian National Congress will once again trigger a debate. There are many conspiracies floating around about the influence of the Church in the Congress Party in post-1990s that was quite evident in the later years, with Sonia Gandhi as the president of the INC. If so, Shri Ramnath Kovind will be known as the first Dalit President of India.

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