Shocking!!! Why Sonia Gandhi is allotted a bungalow bigger than that of PM Modi?

India is a nation which follows the slogan “Athithi Devo Bhawa” (The guest is equivalent to God). That is a reason why we Indians whole heartedly welcomed Sonia Gandhi into Indian politics. But she disappointed crores of Indians by suppressing us in every possible way. She even decided to brand Hindus as terrorists. But all thanks to the narco-analysis video which revealed that it was not Hindus but the Jihadis who carried on the Samhjauta blast.

RTI query which was filed regarding Sonia Gandhi’s residence shocked everyone. It revealed that Sonia Gandhi is allotted a house which is even bigger than PM Modi’s official house. Yes, 10 Janpath where Sonia Gandhi resides spans 15,181 square metres while the Prime Minister’s residence is 14,101 square metres. PM Narendra Modi stays in 7 Race Course Road.

Congress has just 44 MPs in the Lok Sabha and rules very few states but Sonia enjoys various facilities in tax payers’ money. Upon that, Congress works day and night to break India and India’s culture.

In 2013-2014 a sum of Rs 51.43 lakh was spent on the maintenance of electrical fittings at 10 Janpath. The 3.75 acres of land is worth nearly Rs 1600 crores. Is any other party President allotted such a huge residence?

Sonia’s son and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has been allotted a bungalow at 12, Tughlak Lane, which is 5,022.58 square metres in size. Why to waste the government bungalow on him as he always keeps him busy in travelling various countries?

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who is not a Member of Parliament, has a bungalow allotted to her at 35, Lodhi Estate, which spans around 2,765.18 square metres. Is the bungalow given to Priyanka because her husband Robert Vadra looted crores of money in various land scams?

Sonia Gandhi’s bungalow detail was revealed in a RTI filed by Dev Ashish Bhattacharya. He also said that Himanchal Pradesh government had denied information related to properties belonging to Priyanka Gandhi and also opposed making public of her land deals in the hilly state citing security and privacy reasons.

President and Vice-President of India have a residence that is bigger than that of Sonia’s 10 Janpath. But it should be noted that the Prime Minister, President and Vice-President reside in the official residence but it is hilarious to know why Sonia Gandhi is given such a big house even though she is just an MP.

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Source: http://www.oneindia.com/india/should-sonia-gandhi-live-in-a-bigger-house-than-the-pm-2249998.html

Nishika Ram