The mountain warriors of Indian Army are guarding the highest battlefield in the world i.e. the Siachen Glaciers. It is apparent that men with supernatural powers of Indian Army are working day and night so that the lunatic Pakistani Army won’t penetrate into India’s territory.

But since centuries, India was defeated by cheating from our own men. Even this time India was on the verge of losing Siachen Glaciers and you’ll be shocked to know the people responsible for this. The then central government, led by Sonia Gandhi, was all set to hand over the Siachen Glaciers to Pakistan.

Congress agreed to dance to the tune of Pakistan without Indian Army’s approval!!!

The former foreign secretary had said that Indian and Pakistani government in the year 2006 were working on a proposal through which both sides will mutually withdraw troops from the Siachen border.

But the former Indian Army Chief General JJ Singh has revealed something shocking. General Singh said that the then Congress government was working on a plan with Pakistan without the consent of Indian Army or the intelligence agencies.

“As far as this matter is concerned, we have given our lives, our bread and butter is the boundaries and this is a challenge. We didn’t ever say that we want to come out from there we’re finding it difficult. On the other hand, the Pakistan Army is suffering because we have made ourselves quite adjusted to the challenges of Siachen glacier. A lot of us our mountain warriors and high-altitude mountain warriors”, these were the words of former Indian Army chief General JJ Singh.

He made it clear that the Congress government didn’t give any opportunity to the Indian Army chief to display their opinion on this. India was all set to fall for the trap of Pakistan (and even the Indian National Congress). But luckily, the illegal intentions never succeeded.

Watch the statement given by former Indian Army chief General JJ Singh which exposes the then Congress government’s intentions over Siachen.

By doing this, the Congress has insulted the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to the motherland in Siachen Glaciers. Every inch of Indian soil is due the blood shred by our soldiers and it is the duty of every Indian to protect it till his/her last breath. Sadly, the Congress forgot this and was all set to give a large chunk of land to Pakistan.

Several brave soldiers got martyred in Siachen glaciers due to the extreme weather conditions, yet they never back down from the glaciers. The only reason is because the region gives immense advantages for India over Pakistan. But it is shocking to know why Congress wanted to disengage Indian Army from the region? If the Congress thought that by disengaging the Army from Siachen, peace will prevail between the two nations, then it was an absolute foolish assumption.

There are high chances that the Congress spokesperson may tag the former Army General as a BJP agent. But even the wiki leaks had revealed almost the same thing which is now revealed by former Army General.

The wiki leaks said that “The Indian Army has drawn a line with its political leadership. It has told the GOI that withdrawal was tantamount to ceding the area to Pakistan due to the difficulty of retaking it should Pakistan occupy it. Instead, the GOI is attempting to “soften” the issue by proposing joint military projects such as environmental clean up or trekking. There has been no Pakistani response to these suggestions”.


Hansika Raj