Karnataka, which once was land of great Hindu warriors, today, is under the rule of a King who is slowly trying to kill the festivals of Hindus. The 4 year old CM Siddaramayya’s government has been in news for curbing Hindus fundamental rights. But now what it has done is really a horrific act.

Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is not just a festival of Hindus but is been embedded in the culture of India. But today the Karnataka Government is on a war to wipe out all the celebrations that is linked with Hinduism.

What restrictions CM Siddaramayya has put during Ganesh Chaturthi celebration?

  • The Hindu organisations need to compulsorily deposit Rs 10 lakh bond before beginning the celebration of Ganesh festival.
  • The height of the “Ganesh statue” should be as specified by the Congress state government and even the colour of the statue will be decided by the state government.
  • The celebration shouldn’t exceed the days specified by the government.
  • The procession shouldn’t go in the streets where others religion’s temples are situated.
  • Crackers shouldn’t be used during the procession, colours shouldn’t be splashed and even DJ’s shouldn’t be used
  • But the most hilarious is that, there shouldn’t be more than 10 lakh devotees in the gathering.

In India, “Azan” shouldn’t be opposed as it is secular but “Ganesh Chaturthi” procession can be restricted. This is called as biased secularism. But, look at our peaceful nation as no one returned their awards or initiated candle light march.

Congress CM Siddaramayya had money to celebrate “Tipu Jayanti” but not “Mysore Dasara”

Look at the speciality of Mr Siddaramayya!!! “Mysore Dasara” is very popular throughout the world and is celebrated royally every year. But years ago CM Siddaramayya said that due to “natural calamities and other silly reasons” the government is short of funds and is unable to celebrate “Mysore Dasara” like previous years. But in the same year, he celebrated “Tipu Jayanti” royally.

During the celebration of “Tipu Jayanti”, several innocent Hindus were killed by communal forces. But Congress CM takes pride in harming the Hindus.

Nishika Ram

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