The Supreme Court has found Calcutta High Court Judge JS Karnan guilty of contempt & sentenced him to jail for 6 months. The Apex court ordered Karnan’s arrest immediately. Karnan is the first sitting High Court Judge to be convicted of contempt & sent to prison. A seven-judge bench led by CJI passed the order.

The Apex court also banned media from highlighting Justice Karnan’s statements and orders. This is the first ever jail sentence for a sitting HC judge. “He has to be seen as a citizen of India and not as a judge. There is no colour or no judge , we can’t distinguish the contempt, and not decide just on the fact that he is a sitting judge that we can’t take action against him,” the Chief Justice of India, JS Khehar, said.

Justice Karnan refused to be examined by a team of psychiatrists last week. They had come with the police for a medical examination ordered by the Apex court.

Tony Joseph

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