Watch how Amit Shah had exposed Barkha Dutt openly and called NDTV lie peddling machine!

Amit Shah is one person who gives back to the media like no one. Amit Shah makes sure that there is no room for silly questions. He slams them on the face and expose them without mercy.

In fact many journalists who found it amusing to insult Narendra Modi and Amit Shah bringing the issue of 2002 Gujarat riots, today don’t even dare to talk to them. Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai were two prominent journos who built their carriers abusing and spreading fake news against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Probably no one can ever beat them in the spreading hate and fake news.

But things change, after Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were given clean chit by the SIT in Gujarat riot case, these journos had to eat their words. But however even today Barkha Dutt continues to use the 2002 issue and try to create panic among the Muslim community.

Even after Modi had won the 2014 general elections, Barkha Dutt while interviewing Amit Shah had specifically racked up an non-existing issue asking should Muslims be scared after BJP comes to power, to which Amit Shah had bluntly said that media was mainly responsible for creating false perception against BJP.

He had openly said that NDTV and Barkha Dutt were on the fore front of spreading hate and panic. Amit Shah had quoted that including NDTV, many channels aim was to build fake narrative that Muslims will be unsafe under BJP government. He said that there was no issue of anyone being scared of the BJP government and everyone will have equal rights in the country.

It is true that Barkha Dutt and many other journalists have spent 15 years and still continue to spread hate using religious issues. Just after one year of Modi government the entire pseudo secular gang of Delhi had built a narrative of INTOLERANCE in India. They deliberately hyped the issue at international level to malign the Modi government. The media played a huge role and helped Congress in hyping the issue of Intolerance. It can be well remembered that each day Barkha Dutt and many of her colleagues brought one panelist in her show to blame the Modi government and provoked more people to join the Award wapsi campaign. For almost 6 months these people ran a malicious campaign against Modi and even tried to stop the FDI inflow which could have adversely affected the economy.

But their true face was totally exposed after they openly spoke against the Indian army and supported terrorists like Burhan Wani. Their stand questioning the surgical strike earned Barkha Dutt an Anti National title and the NDTV viewership fell below 2%. Even Arnab Goswami had targeted Barkha Dutt and NDTV for their Anti National stand and had exposed them on prime time. Probably this was the biggest jolt NDTV faced.

But this is not enough, NDTV which is accused in huge money laundering case should be investigated and every detail of their funding must be put into public domain. People should know how is NDTV making profit even with less than 2% viewers and who is funding them to speak in favour of people like Kanhaiya Kumar, Burhan Wani and Afzal Guru.

Aishwarya S**