Watch! pakistani army officer exposes the real truth of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor!

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a burning topic in today’s times. It runs through controversial regions such as Gilgit-Baltistan, and through Balochistan which is a tinderbox of violence and grave human-rights violations committed by the Pakistani Army.

It is of no doubt that the CPEC is beneficial solely to China. Otherwise why would China invest $46 billion in a nation that is disintegrating rapidly? Itwill serve Chinese trade interests, while Pakistan will simply be an onlooker who provides land and gets to boast about its ‘unbreakable’ ties with China.

This argument was seconded by a Pakistani himself. Lt General Amir Raiz, 12 Corps Commander, spoke about the CPEC and how it stands to benefit only the Chinese. He said –

It is important for Pakistani politicians to stop playing politics on the CPEC.  Constructive criticism is necessary. Certain powers are not happy with the CPEC coming into existence, and by doing negative politics on the corridor we are simply playing into the hands of those who are against the economic corridor.

The Chinese have studied the CPEC minutely for many years and have several hundred PhD’s on it while there are none in Pakistan. In Western China, huge residential complexes have been built to provide lodging facilities to workers of factories that will come up once the CPEC nears completion.

The Chinese estimate that the trade quantum that will pass through Pakistan in the next ten years will be worth one trillion dollars.But Pakistanwill not benefit from this. We will be reduced to fixing their punctures and feeding the Chinese unless we can forge proper agreements with them.

 It is amazing that there are influential Pakistanis like Amir Raiz who recognize and voice the reality, but yet Pakistan does nothing to change the situation. I guess the reason is that the Pakistani establishment doesn’t have the guts to argue with the Chinese.

Pakistan has turned into a Chinese colony. Chinese soldiers have increased their presence in Pakistan, the Gwadar Port whose construction was pushed by the Chinese lies isolated due to lack of business which has raised financial burden on Pakistan, and to ensure that the CPEC goes through, the Pakistani armed forces are regularly killing Balochis to cease their voices of dissent. Pakistan is failing to see the writing on the wall, or maybe its ignoring to see it.


Vinayak Jain**