What could have happened if Sardar Patel was chosen as the first prime minister of India, instead of Nehru?

What would India be if Nehru had not ruled over our country? Wouldn’t India flourish if the Nehru family hadn’t ruled over India? How good would India be if that one family wouldn’t come to power? Each one of us think over these questions, don’t we?

None of us wish to see our nation in the hands of such a family that has ruined this great country! Thanks to PM Modi that we are finally back on track. Now the world notices us as a great country. India is now a threat to other nations. Biggest countries like U.S seek friendship from India. We cannot move back in time though it can help the dream of India’s future in the secure hands of PM Modi.

Today let’s make an analysis on, what would India be if Sardar Patel was the first PM of India instead of Nehru? Well, when the excessive reliance on Nehru was a key problem for India, there was also this “Iron man of India” who was sidelined for his contribution.

Talking about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, he lived for around 3 years post-independence period and in that shorter period he was instrumental in making India a “UNITED and a SOVEREIGN nation”.

The biggest contribution of Sardar Patel came around the time of partition, the regrettable communal violence, deep-seated mistrust, and bloody period of ideological conflict. He took over as the Home Minister of nascent nation at a very important juncture in history and devoted himself wholeheartedly to make sure that the nation which was already partitioned remained united and intact in which Nehru failed miserably.

India was categorized into hundreds of various different kingdoms, separated by conflicting ideas and interests before independence. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel acted with determination, vision and statesmanship and quietly cleared out the various labyrinths. He appeared statesmanship of remarkable order. He convinced 100 regional kings to join their kingdoms with the Independent Union of India. He enabled Nehru to become the builder of India modern democratic.

Due to the request of Gandhi ji, Sardar stepped down so that Jawaharlal Nehru could become the PM of India.

In his three terms as Ahmedabad’s municipal president in British India, he transformed the city completely. He extended electricity, drainage and sanitation facility to all parts of the city and conducted major educational reforms. He even fought for the recognition and payment of teachers. Had he been the prime minister of India there would have been no scope for movie “TOILET- EK PREM KATHA”.

Patel was the chairman of the committees responsible for minorities, tribal and excluded areas, fundamental rights, and provincial constitutions. He worked closely with Muslim leaders to end separate electorates and the more potent demand for reservation of seats for minorities. Had he been the prime minister there would have been no need for “UNIFORM CIVIL CODE”.

When the Pakistani invasion of Kashmir began in September 1947, Patel immediately wanted to send troops into Kashmir. But, agreeing with Nehru and Mountbatten, he waited until Kashmir’s monarch had acceded to India. Patel then oversaw India’s military operations to secure Srinagar and the Baramulla Pass, and the forces retrieved much territory from the invaders. Patel, along with Defence Minister Baldev Singh, administered the entire military effort, arranging for troops from different parts of India to be rushed to Kashmir and for a major military road connecting Srinagar to Pathankot to be built in six months. Had he been the Prime Minister, Pakistan would have been fighting for Karachi instead.

Patel opposed the release of Rs. 550 million to Pakistan, convinced that the money would go to finance the war against India in Kashmir. The Cabinet had approved his point but it was reversed when Gandhi, who feared an intensifying rivalry and further communal violence, went on a fast-unto-death to obtain the release. Had he been the Prime Minister, Pakistan would have never enjoyed the status of “MOST FAVORED NATION”.

In 1949 a crisis arose when the number of Hindu refugees entering West Bengal, Assam, and Tripura from East Pakistan climbed to over 800,000. Patel strongly criticized Nehru’s plan to sign a pact that would create minority commissions in both countries and pledge both India and Pakistan to a commitment to protect each other’s minorities. Had he been the prime minister our leaders would not have been debating in prime time news on issues of “KASHMIRI PANDITS and ROHINGYA MUSLIMS”.

When Nehru pressured Dr. Rajendra Prasad to decline a nomination to become the first President of India in 1950 in favour of Rajagopalachari, he angered the party, which felt Nehru was attempting to impose his will. Nehru sought Patel’s help in winning the party over, but Patel declined, and Prasad was duly elected. Had he been the Prime Minister even Congress would have got many potential leaders other than “GANDHI PARIVAR”.

Source:  Quora