The biggest embarrassment for the Congress was the defeat in 2014 in which they were reduced to 44 seats. Since then they are relentlessly losing every elections and have reduced themselves from a National party to regional party.

The BJP on the other hand which had just 8 states in 2013, today has 18 states. The main reason for BJP’s win is the trust in the leadership of Narendra Modi who has been very successful in connecting with people. His outreach to people through his developmental modes is the biggest success for gaining enormous support from people.

But many people do not realise the other weapon which PM Modi uses….Yes, it is the social media and the strong base of social media warriors!

Probably 5 -10 years back no one ever imagined that political fights will be fought on social media like Twitter and Facebook. They never imagined that many main stream media which for decades has only mislead people will be demolished by a bunch of people, many of whom are not even journalists by profession. These people have literally made the main stream media irreverent and exposed many journalist’s hypocrisy.

Since the time Modi won the elections in 2014, the social media warriors of the BJP have only grown strong which has made the lutyen’s club run for their money. These selfless people have gone to the extent of risking their personal life and professional life while exposing the double face of media and Congress. The Congress party which used the main stream media as their first line of defence, today has been completely rattled by social media.

They see the social media warriors as their biggest threat since every fake propaganda created by them has been busted by these warriors. The Congress has simply failed to tackle and counter the BJP supporters who are no less than any journalists in investigating the truth and exposing the filth Congress and media indulge in.

It was because of the social media, anti-national elements like Kanhaiya Kumar and his gang was exposed in JNU. Those people like Barkha Dutt, Rana Aayub had no place to hide when they got exposed for supporting terrorist Burhan Wani. The NDTV was the biggest loser in the battle which lost credibility and viewership fell below 2%. Their shares collapsed and ultimately the NDTV Profit, a sister channel of the NDTV group had to be shut down.

It is not just with media, but pseudo liberals, pseudo seculars have been equally exposed who are now fighting an existential crisis. The Congress, in order to counter the social media activists has roped in many media agents and so-called intellects who are trying to threaten the BJP supporters in every way possible. They are indulging in character assassination, threats, FIR’s and fake news to break the support system.

Few members within the Congress party had revealed that Congress along with media agents have made a list of BJP social media activists who are likely to be targeted. So if at all Congress wins the 2019 general elections, before they could do anything, they would jail these social media activists in fake cases for sure.

In 2004, when Congress won the elections, the first thing they did was to abolish POTA to save her terrorist friends. Now, they would want to first finish the social media group.

According to the source, there are over 100 people whom the Congress sees as threat, few people include:





This is just a few samples whom the Congress would love to see in jail. It is no joke and Congress seriously considers social media activists as their biggest threat. Already these people have been targeted many times by media and Congress supporters. But it is unfortunate that no MSM highlighted the incidents.

Aishwarya S

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