Indians recognise China as a nation which dumps sub-standard goods into India and a nation which claims India’s territory as its own. But many don’t know that China is having borders conflicts with 23 nations.

This is expected because China is a close ally of Pakistan. But what is surprising is that China is sharing borders with only 13 nations. But surprisingly it has conflicts with 23 nations.

China likes to impose its rule on other nations but it doesn’t like others retaliating against it. This is what’s happening. Today India and other nations are retaliating against China’s aggressive border policies.

Let us look at the nation with which China has conflicts:

India Indonesia Mongolia Singapore
Bhutan Japan Nepal Taiwan
Brunei Kazakhstan North Korea South Korea
Burma Kyrgyzstan Pakistan Tajikistan
Cambodia Laos Philippines Vietnam
Afghanistan Malaysia Russia


China is a large country with territories only next to Russia and Canada, and it is the one with most neighbouring countries in the world (14 countries by land, and 6 by sea).

Although China is one of the 5 Permanent Member States of the UNSC, it seldom relies on international conventions or arbitration tribunes to settle the disputes. This is because China always be in the wrong side.

The Chinese government always try to stir up controversies with neighbouring countries so that it can deviate its citizens’ attention. China’s economy is slowing and it has been a huge concern.

By involving in clashes, its citizens will be in an impression that their government is standing up for Chinese people.



Nishika Ram

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