Without Hinduism secularism won’t survive…! Do you know who made this statement? Clue is that it was not a Hindu

“Without Hinduism, secularism won’t survive” in India, says Muslim woman who led Friday mixed-gender Islamic prayers.

K Jamida, a general secretary of the Quran Sunnath Society and the first Indian woman to lead the Friday prayers for Muslims, hailed Hinduism’s role in preserving the secular tradition of the country.

Jamida, the female Imam from Kerala who’s facing death threats for leading Friday prayers in a mosque, says, “without Hinduism, secularism won’t survive in India.” The left government of Kerala has left her at the mercy of terrorists. Centre or RSS must protect this daughter of India.

The person who tried to kill me was a Muslim, so no one came to my support- says Jamida.

As per most of the Muslim men, Alla has created woman to satisfy the cravings of men and not for leading prayers. They are created to live as slaves under men and not lead a dignified life. Sadly, Islam forces its followers to not let its women be independent and take decisions on their own. Yes, that’s a sad truth about Islam.

Speaking at the Deendayal Upadhyaya remembrance meet organised by BJP district committee here, Jamida said though there were death threats against her, the left parties and intellectuals in Kerala had not come to her aid.

She also said that attempts were made on her life for supporting the central government’s legislation against triple talaq and campaigning against the wrong customs and priesthood in Islam. “I’m being targeted for trying to reform the society. Deendayal Upadhyaya and founder of Quran Sunnath Society Chekannur Moulavi paid with their lives for doing the same thing. Deendayal Upadhyaya died under mysterious circumstances. What was his fault?

Only one man was sentenced for strangulating Chekannur Moulavi to death. The other accused are roaming free, in search of their next prey,” said Jamida.

“Left and progressive intellectuals have come out in full support for poet Kureepuzha SreeKumar. All that the organizers of the meet he took part did was to point out to the poet that he was hurting religious sentiments. He was also urged to keep the composition of the audience in mind while speaking” she added.

“When organizers told Kureepuzha that they did not agree with his stand, it was even termed a murder attempt and the poet received widespread support. However, if there had been even one person with a Muslim- sounding name those who opposed the poet, Kureepuzha would not have received such backing” said Jamida.

Attacking the Muslim League and SDPI for being parties working solely for Muslims, she says BJP and RSS are organizations which welcomed people belonging to all religions. “Hindus belonging to all castes should unite to ensure that India does not become an Islamic country” she said.

Further referring to the Akhila- Hadiya case, she said “those supporting Akhila should remember that akhila’s parents too have their rights. The central government introduced the Bill against Triple Talaq as it could empathize with the hardships faced by Muslim women”.

On the occasion, the Malayalam translation of Deendayal Upadhyaya’s ‘Integral Humanism’ was released by BJP former state president C K Padmanabhan by handing over copies of the book to Jamida and Prof P N Sathyanath.
“Muslims are massacring even other Muslims all over the world in the name of the Prophet and the Holy Quran as Islamic scholars failed to teach the real essence of the Holy Book to followers,” said Padmanabhan.

Source: Manorama.com