1.6 crore ration card holders, 3.5 million LPG holders and 195000 Madarasa students have disappeared! The reason behind this will stun you

There is no dearth of critical people who find a chance to blame the government at every lame opportunity. For every vital move made, every difficult decision was taken and every transformation made in the country, there’s this bunch of ‘intellectuals’ who set out on the opposing adventure. What these narrow minded people do with a set of statistical data is rule out all the progressive aspects of a plan, and claim evil things against the government. Well, same has been the case with the recent drastic decisions taken by the Modi – starting from Demonetization to linking of Aadhar Card to every other identity.

So against all the critical speculations against the move of the government to make Aadhar card mandatory, here are a few statistical data that prove the necessity of the step. Linking of Aadhar to other identity proofs has not had evident impacts that can be flaunted like how other political parties flaunt their ‘achievements’. However, here are the few impacts that have been traced out – and it can be noted that there have been a miraculous series of ‘disappearances’ that occurred around the country. These data have been derived from a write up authored by Pankaj Shrothriya.

Apparently after linkage of Aadhar card, 3.5 million LPG holders have disappeared. 3.5 million, so you can guess how many Indians played fraud to obtain multiple LPG connections while there are thousands of Indians still aspiring to see a gas stove.

1,95,000 students taking scholarships from Madarasas (Wajifa) have disappeared. Well, in a country still leagues away from complete literacy rate, there are ‘students’ obtaining undeserving amount of educational aid from the government. Or say, there were.

1.6 crore ration cards have disappeared! That is surely a shocker, for ration cards are the basic identity of an Indian citizen. Imagine more than 1.6 crore people had it faked, and more to be revealed in due course!

Of course, the next big disappearance has to be the BPL cards. It isn’t a new discussion that undeserving people hold BPL cards in India, exploiting the resources meant for the poor. After the formal tracing process, there are 30 lakh BPL card holders who are ‘missing’ today.

Well, so much for the protests against the government for the troubles caused to citizens. Other than the fraud card holders and identities disappearing from the scenario, there are also other massive groups and communities that have disappeared from news. You might have noticed that there are no more stone pelters in Kashmir. The Rajya Sabha is free of Communists. Dokhlam is free of invading Chinese troops. Shell companies are steadily going out of the picture.

Well, Chankya had rightfully pointed out 2500 years ago, that when the ‘intellectuals’ and traitors of the country begin a hue and cry opposing the government, it only means that the ruler is an able, virtuous and capable one. Unless, Chanakya himself was a BJP supporter or a Sanghi (which is also a possible allegation by the opposing communities today); we have no doubt his words are completely applicable to the current Indian scenario. Soon, we will see revolutionary changes with all the frauds and tyrants thrown out of the country and life made easier for all.

Ashwini Jain


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