1 million Muslim women sign the RSS backed petition against the practice of Triple Talaq!

Winds of change are blowing in the Muslim community in India. It is a fact that the Muslim community has realized that all these years they have been only used as a vote bank by the various politicians. While they may have got some benefits because of this, the rights of the women have always been kept on the backburner. Education, health and social upliftment had not reached the Muslim women and their aspirations were left unfulfilled. The orthodox clerics, the madrassa schooling, different codes for their marriage and divorce, all kept the Muslim women away from the changing society. What hurt them the most was the unfair triple talaq which was grossly misinterpreted and misused by the men of their community?

When the BJP Government signaled that they would vociferously try to implement the Unified Civil Code, many of the orthodox Muslim clerics and scholars came on T.V. and stuck to their protests against the UCC and repealing of the triple talaq. This refusal of the men to give the Muslim women their rightful place under the sun, has had the women of the community becoming more aware of their rights as per the law of the land and also about how the Islamic laws are abused. This awareness had resulted in a massive campaign wherein more than a million women have signed a petition against the triple talaq.

While no other political party wanted to openly fight for the equal status of Muslim women, the Muslim RashtriyaManch – the RSS affiliated Muslim body went out of their way to campaign for the same. They are educating the Muslims to treat it as a social problem and not as a religious one. Because of this, many Muslims are reported to have voted for the BJP despite them not having fielded even one Muslim candidate. It is to the credit of PM Narendra Modi that those who have been socially neglected have started putting their faith in him, to resolve their issues.

In the words of Firoz Ahmad Bakht, noted educationist and grandson of freedom fighter MaulanaAbulKalam Azad, PM Modi has “a positive attitude towards the Muslims. The ulema’s are taking the Muslim community to the Dark Ages and towards the Stone Age”. In January he had said, “Words don’t matter, actions do. Look at the way he (PM Modi) has hit the ground. The Minority Affairs Ministry (which was earlier running on oxygen) is running like P.T.Usha today.” Truly “SabkaSaath, SabkaVikaas” has made the average Muslim do a rethink on the opportunistic politics of the opposition. MeraDeshBadalRahaHai, AageBadhRahaHai!!!

Jai Hind !!!

Do read the below article to understand how changes in laws helped the Hindu women and how the Muslim women got a bad bargain because their laws were not changed because of opportunistic politicians.

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Rati Hegde