10 biggest scams which stopped India from becoming “Super Power Nation”

Although India has seen huge corruption over the past 60 years, the period of 2004-2014 marked the highest level of corruption which earned the title “Scam India”. Most of these scams have taken place in a span of 10 years which brought huge loos to the country and shattered the economy of the country.

  1. COAL SCAM: Loss Rs 10,60,0000!

The biggest scam India ever saw was the COAL scam under the Congress government which incurred a total loss of Rs.1,85,900 crore. This can be termed as the mother of all scams which literally destroyed the coal sector of India. It involved people from highest level, from the Prime Minister to ministers to businessman. The entire government and the business class was involved. This scam was first exposed by the CAG (Controller of Auditor General), a government authority which showed that huge coal assessts were given to private and state run entities instead of auctioning which incurred huge loss to the country. An estimation of 1,86,000 crores loss was seen from the year 2004-2009. But it is said that the actual loss was around 10,60,000 crores.

2. 2G SCAM: Loss Rs 1,76 Lakh crore!

This was regarded as the second most expensive scam in the history of India. The UPA minister A RAja who was directly involved in the scam is said to have siphoned 1.76 Lakh crores by bypassing all the licensing norms. The 2G spectrum was sold for the rate which was framed in the year 2001 instead of rates of 2008. This resulted in huge loss to the Exchequer

3. Commonwealth Scam: Loss 70,000 crores

This is one of the most shameful scam in the history of Congress rule. The sports minister of Congress Suresh kalmadi who was involved in the scam caused a big shame to India on the international platform. A total of 70,000 crores was sanctioned for providing facilities in the common wealth games, but Kalmadi is said to have misused more than 50% of the funds for his personal benefit. An investigation conducted by the Central Vigilance Commission hefty payments were made in the name of non-existent entities and purposeful delay was made in preparations to divert funds into personal accounts.

4. Sharada Scam: Loss Rs 40,000 crores

It was one of West Bengal government’s most shameful scam which cheated thousands of family on roads and literally brought them to streets. The chit fund company was linked to many politicians which costed around Rs 40,000 crores of people’s money. It is said that Mamta Banerjee’s close aides were involved in the scam.

5. Delhi Airport and Land Scam (DIAL Scam): Loss 1.63 Lakh crore!

Here around 1.63 Lakh Crore was lost by the people of India due to a deal entered between the Airports Authority of India and DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited) for the lease of land. There was huge irregularities pointed out in a report titled Implementation of Public – Private Partnership at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi tabled on 17 August 2012 by the CAG. The report states that the land has an earnings potential of 1.63 lakh crores (approx $29.4 billion) which was assigned to the consortium against an equity contribution of 2,450 crores (approx. $442.7 million). The report also criticizes the development fees charged to passengers of the Delhi Airport who have to pay between Rs. 400 ($7.2) and Rs. 2600 ($46.85) depending on whether they are travelling on a domestic or international flight, as this charge was not a part of the original contract.

6. Maharashtra Irrigation Scam: Loss Rs 35,000 crores!

This scam happened during the year 1999-2009, when the Congress and NCP government was in power in Maharashtra. It was first exposed in the year 2012 by the Economic survey. An overall estimation of 70,000 was spent on various irrigation projects but shockingly only 0.1% improvement were seen in the irrigation sector. Vijay Pandhare, an engineer employed by the government claimed that more than half the amount had been pocketed by corrupt leaders. Ajit Pawar was the irrigation minister of Maharashtra is said to be the major baneficiary in the scam. On 25 April 2008, Deputy Secretary TN Munde issued a circular stating that the Irrigation Department was making exorbitant payments for the various raw materials and components, instead of following the scheduled rates fixed by the department. On 14 May 2008, Pawar’s office issued a letter asking Munde to repeal the circular, and cautioned him against issueing any circular without the minister’s sanction. The Congress government did not initiate a CBI prbe and deliberately tried to cover the scam supporting their ally.

7. Ultra Mega Power Scam: Loss 10,000 crore!

This happened in the year 2012, which involved the power ministry of then Congress government. The CAG exposed huge Misappropriations and Favors by the Ministry of Power while Auditing Ultra Mega Power Projects of India. Reliance Power of Anil Ambani is the major beneficiary apart from several other lapses in procedures challenged in the Supreme Court of India by various parties.

Audit had estimated the financial benefit that will accrue to the Project Developer on the basis of comparison of tariff of Sasan Project (` 1.196 per unit) with that of Chitrangi Project (` 2.450 for Madhya Pradesh and ` 3.702 for Uttar Pradesh). The overall financial benefit to Reliance Power Limited due to impact of the difference in tariff works out to `29,033 crores with a net present value of ` 11,852 crore

8. Vyapam Scam: Loss Rs 6000 crore!

The Vyapam scam was an admission & recruitment scam involving politicians, senior officials and businessmen in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB), popularly known by its Hindi acronym “Vyapam” (Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal), is a self-financed and autonomous body incorporated by the State government responsible for conducting several entrance tests in the state.

The scam involved 13 different exams conducted by Vyapam, for selection of medical students and state government employees (including food inspectors, transport constables, police personnel, school teachers, dairy supply officers and forest guards). The exams were taken by around 3.2 million students.

9. NRHM Scam (National Rural Health Mission): Loss Rs 10,000 crore!

Uttar Pradesh NRHM Scam is an alleged corruption scandal in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in which top politicians and bureaucrats are alleged to have siphoned off a massive sum estimated at 10,000 crore. The National Rural Health Mission, a central government program meant to improve health care delivery in rural areas. At least five people are said to have been murdered in an attempt to coverup large-scale irregularities. Several former ministers of then ruling party, BSP have been investigated by the CBI.

10. Telgi Scam: Loss Rs 20,000 crore!

Abdul Karim Telgi was the main accused who printed fake stam papers and manged to sale them in financial institutions and banks. He earned money by printing counterfeit stamp paper in India. He cited Sharad Pawar, then the chief of NCP party, name in relation to a ₹200 billion (US$3.0 billion) stamp-paper scam, during a narcoanalysis filmed by various Indian news channels, wherein he also mentioned NCP leader, and former Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra chhagan bhujbal.

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