10 fearless female cops that are breaking stereotypes and making India proud

‘The day may be approaching when the whole world will recognize woman as the equal of man.’ if you’re in the Indian Army or the police force, you know it’s a tough job. The people who serve the nation take up challenges every now & then. It’s not a fairy tale like in movies. The will to survive, protect & guard the nation is what keeps them going.  Women officers are equally good. But, they have an additional responsibility of fighting the patriarchal mind-set of colleagues and other people who look down upon women. It is matter of perception. Some people have a typical mind-set about women which is very hard to break. They say that women cannot be good law-enforcers.

This mind-set is entirely flawed. Women, on the contrary are natural brave hearts who have already broken the stereotype. They are the new trendsetters. Let’s seek inspiration from them.

  1. Usha Kiran – Bastar’s first woman CRPF officer


Kiran, 27 is CRPF’s first woman officer to be posted in the Maoist infested part of the region and a potent PR tool for the security forces battling accusations of grave excesses, including rape. This Naxalite hotbed is an incredible hostile region.  The working conditions are extremely tough, so much that even the toughest soldiers will respect the work of a CRPF Jawan.

Ushakiran is an inspiration for girls from tribal villages to take up education and join civil services. She helps tribal students with their studies when she is not policing. If you’re thinking, she was posted here, you are wrong! She requested to be posted in a male battalion in the insurgency-hit area.                                                                           Courage of conviction!

  1. Subhasini Sankaran – First woman officer to be in charge of any Chief Minister in India.

Post-independence no female officer has been given the responsibility of the CM’s security. That’s more than 6 decades where the police force did not believe in a woman‘s ability to entrust upon the CM’s safety in their hands.

But that has changed with Ms Sankaran. She took charge efficiently and fanned locations for security threats, mapped safe roads for convoys & even provided close proximity security for Assam’s CM Sarbanada Sonowal.

Her job has no room for even the smallest of errors. Looking at her track record, she has performed impeccably.

  1. Meera Barwankar – the first female police officer to head the crime branch.

She is better known as the woman super cop. She was the first woman officer to head the crime branch. Mumbai’s crime Branch is one of the best police forces in the country. They deal with white-collar crimes (financially motivated non-violent crimes committed by business & government professionals). The Crime branch also deals with the dirty world of Mumbai Underworld. The task of taking on terrorist like Dawood Ibrahim & other criminals, is never going to be easy. The very fact that she has been chosen to lead a force so respect & capable, speaks volumes about her professional efficiency.

She was also one of the five people to witness the hanging of Yakub Memon.

  1. Sonia Narang – DIG in CID

She is one of the most popular cops. Once made the news headlines for once slapping a politician for crossing the line. She had also been an officer with the National Investigative Agency and CID.

She lets her work to do the talking. She has an approach of zero-tolerance for any crime & believes that all citizens are equal before law. The politician on the receiving end will tell you better.

  1. D Roopa – First Kannadiga Lady IPS officer serving in Karnataka.

Criminal elements fear her, politicians keep a distance from her and the common-man loves her for her down-to-earth, humane approach. Starting with her arresting of the Chief Minister of a North Indian state, following court orders in 2004 to seizing lakhs of rupees and ammunitions from mining barons during 2008 elections, Roopa has come a long way.

In 2013, as DCP, City Armed Reserve, she withdrew about 300 gunmen kept unauthorised by politicians.While many officers arrest only the mischief mongers on street during a public disturbance to public order, Roopa went deep further and arrested an ex-MLA of Naragund Taluq & booked a sitting MLC for instigating riots.

No doubt she has been transferred about 30 times in her 17-year career. She has worked wherever government posted without lobbying for posts. She always takes a bold, public stand on issues concerning bureaucracy- be it the grievances of the lower staff or politicisation. She has written a number of articles for mainstream newspapers. She is currently serving as DIG and is a recipient of the President’s medal. A sharpshooter, singer and 43rd rank holder in UPSC exams,she chose the IPS. Roopa is surely an inspiration for many.

  1. Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya – First woman to be promoted to the level of DGP

She was the second indian woman IPS officer after Kiran Bedi. She has had the courage to take on the rogue politicians & was even warned to not get too ‘adventurous.’ She believes in bringing sensitivity & kindness into the police force. Not a surprise, that she was promoted to the role of DGP.

She has been presented with the President’s medal & the Rajiv Gandhi award for outstanding achievement.

  1. Sanjukta Parashar – the first & only IPS officer from Assam to fight BODO militants

Courage defines her. She once took a team of policeman to crackdown militants who attacked Army convoys in Assam. She is not into the business of sticking to her desk. She is known to wear the helmet and full armour and enter militant infested areas, leading from the front.

Great leaders are the prime sources for setting examples.

  1. Manzil Saini – Lucknow’s first woman police chief

Manzil Saini is a prolific athlete and comes from the esteemed Delhi School of Economics. She has punished undisciplined constables, busted a multi-crore kidney racket and even took on Samajwadi Party workers in Etawah for using tinted windows on their vehicles.

Naxal areas are dangerous for police. Similarly Uttar Pradesh was not safe for women under the SP rule. In spite of all this, she had performed exceptionally.

  1. Archana Ramasundram – First female police officer to head paramilitary forces

Working as an officer in paramilitary forces is hard. It’s even harder to lead the paramilitary forces. Archana ramasundram heads the Sahastra Seema Bal that is tasked with guarding the borders of Nepal & Bhutan.

She was going to be posted in the CBI, but was recognised in having a better potential to lead the Premier Paramilitary forces.

  1. Inspector Shakti Devi – awarded International female peacekeeper award by UN

Afghanistan has faced the toughest of turbulent times. Women find it harder to survive as there is a Stone Age rule against them.

She has changed the perception towards women officers in the region. The inspector from Jammu & Kashmir has made a huge difference by improving the image of female police officers there. She has helped in reducing the instances of crime against women and gender-based violence.

Alok Shetty